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Prairie Dog Shooting

Prairie Dog shooting is the perfect outdoor hunting experience to introduce a youth or someone new to the outdoor hunting and or shooting. With lots of action and no pressure to harvest a trophy it is the perfect introduction.

The avid sportsman can hone their hunting skills with a mid summer Prairie dog shoot.  Perfect for practicing your long range shooting, prairie dog hunting allows you to shoot at different distances as often as you like. The farther out you shoot, the less likely the dogs are to know what's going on, so they will stand there and let you shoot at them until you hit them or get too close for comfort! Prairie dogs offer sportsmen countless hours of entertainment. One can use Semi auto AR style rifles or bolt action rifles. Cartridges vary but for the most part one needs as flat shooting rifle as possible 204 ruger, 223, 22-250 are probably the most common. Prairie dog shooting will generally allow the shooter to shoot at distances from 100 yards out to and past 1000 yards. Kansas will allow the shooter to take it to the next level and put silencers on their varmint-hunting weapon. You will still need all of the federal permits to purchase and install a silencer on your rifle.

Generally a Prairie Dog town will hold a mixed bag of targets, rabbits, badgers and rattle snakes and of course Prairie Dogs. Early May thru September are the prime shooting months.  Prairie dog shooting is also a great family adventure because most schools are out during prime PD shooting months.

For your next summer trip give Prairie Dog shooting a try, chances are you will be hooked on it afterwards.

Tim Weddington
10 Gauge Outfitters