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Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge -

Kansas Pheasant Hunting – Prairie Dog Hunts

10 Gauge Outfitters, a premier Kansas pheasant hunting lodge. Well known for our extraordinary pheasant hunting, prairie dog, trophy whitetails, and Rio Grande turkey hunts. We are located just north of Kinsley or better know as MID-WAY USA. Our hunting lodge is just a short drive from Dodge City, and nestled among the beautiful western plains of Kansas. A country style lodge lets you experience all that we have to offer but be close to some great entertainment. Thank you for visiting our website, we look forward to hearing from you.

As one of the top producers of wheat, alfalfa, milo, and corn, we are home to some of the finest habitat and food sources for wild game. Through farming and proper habitat management we are able to provide clients with the best whitetail, pheasant, turkey, and prairie dog hunts you find in the Midwest.

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Experience 10 Gauge Outfitters

At 10 Gauge Outfitters we work year round to ensure that the client is going to have multiple opportunities. Offering a variety of hunts throughout the year. We plant the food plots, manage the habitat for nesting areas. We go the extra mile to ensure our clients are going to have a hunt of a lifetime.

Take a moment to enjoy our website, learn more about the hunting opportunities or even explore our hunting lodge through the virtual tour. We are sure that once you visit our operation and friendly staff, you will be back every year, just like family. Happy Hunting!

Why Clients Choose 10 Gauge Outfitters

We understand that there are many outfitters to choose from when trying to decide who will be your hunting guide and outfitter for your next adventure. While there are both cheaper and more expensive hunting trips out there, we set the bar for Kansas pheasant hunting.

What makes 10 Gauge Outfitters different from our competition? We, along with our clients think we have something very special here. With all the amenities that we offer, our hunting trips are a great value for the spend. No outfitter puts in the time and dedication as 10 Gauge. We work to ensure your hunting adventure is not only a pleasurable experience.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge -
Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge -

Our Keys to Successful Hunts

Most hunting outfitters proclaim they have the experience or reputation of being the best hunting outfitter. However very few actually venture outside their own property or region to experience other hunting opportunities.

At 10 Gauge Outfitters, we have traveled most of the continental United States, experiencing what other guides, outfitters, and lodges have to offer. During these expeditions, we have taken notes, spoke to hunters, and even asked other professionals what it takes to make their business successful. Combined with this information and our own experiences, we have combined all this into a great experience here in Kansas.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge -

Habitat – Habitat – Habitat

We have found that providing our sporting game with the appropriate amount of habitat can greatly factor in the experience our clients are going to have while hunting here. Each and every acre of our property here has been thoughtfully managed in the hopes of providing more wild game and opportunities for our hunters.

We are constantly providing our deer with minerals and feed throughout the year. Making sure they have the proper nutrition to grow those monster sized trophy racks that our whitetail are known for. Our pheasants have plenty of cover to hide and roost from predators, while our food plots provide our birds with ample cover during the harshest parts of the year that we have to offer.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge -

Leave as Friends & Family

At the end of the day its not about the trophy whitetail you shot, the amount of rooster pheasants on the tailgate, the big ole tom you dropped at 50 yds, or how many prairie dogs you shot with your sniper rifle. It is about the personal experience and memory you draw from the opportunity you had while hunting with 10 Gauge Outfitters. We want you to walk away not only wanting more, but having the urge to tell your friends, colleagues or family of the great time you had with us in hunting, that they want to come try it for themselves.

If you are looking for your next hunting adventure and want to experience a true pheasant hunt, take a moment to fill out a contact form, or shoot us a call. We are more than happy to talk with you and assist you in your planning of your next hunting trip.

Our Hunts
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Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge -

Guided Kansas Pheasant Hunting

Book your trip early and learn why we have the Midwest’s ultimate pheasant hunting location! Daily bag limits for the regular season is 4 cocks per person, and we are sure to max that limit out for our clients.  10 Gauge Outfitters offers both guided small group and corporate pheasant hunting.

In addition to a short upland game season, our hunts typically book up fast for the in season hunts. We do however have additional pheasant hunting available before and after the wild pheasant season starts through our CSA hunts. We also have corporate pheasant hunts for those larger groups and events available. For more details about our Kansas pheasant hunting, check out our pheasant hunts page for more details.

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Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge -

Kansas Prairie Dog Hunting

Our location is excellent for looking for a great prairie dog hunt. We have thousands of acres to roam and hundreds of prairie dog towns to cover, translating into a lot of shooting for our clients. We offer prime prairie dog hunts, with most of our hunts happening between the months of May to July. Check out our prairie dog hunting page for more information.

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Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge -

Trophy Whitetail Hunting

Plenty of trophy whitetail inhibit our managed and fenceless 16,000 acres. These deer are free to roam across the countryside and can be unpredictable, but we manage to have a high 90% success ratio. We instill a strict management and feeding programs that rival most trophy farms, we provide our clients that same trophy, but at a challenge.

Therefore most of our natural trophy whitetails score in the 180’s to 200+” in some cases. If you are ready to chase down your next wall hanger trophy buck, check out the available hunts here at 10 Gauge Outfitters.

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Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge -

Rio Turkey Hunting

10 Gauge Outfitters offers guided Rio turkey hunting in the spring and fall in Kinsley Kansas. Some of the best turkey hunting around! Rio Grande turkeys are extremely vocal, which makes for an exciting hunt. Tags are available over the counter! Combo hunts are available.

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Matt WalkerMatt Walker
00:25 20 Jan 22
Awesome experience!! Amazing lodge, tons of birds, and great food. We will definitely be back!
Eddie GarciaEddie Garcia
19:49 29 Dec 21
Two days of pheasant and quail hunting with great friends. Turning out to be a annual trip. Tim and staff are amazing. The lodge is amazing. Book your days you won’t regret it.
Neil WestNeil West
01:00 18 Apr 21
Excellent guide, accommodations were first. I couldn't be happier with my turkey and the experience.
Kurt MeyerKurt Meyer
22:25 15 Apr 21
Top class.. amazing place to stay, great staff and guides. Went above and beyond expected to make sure it was great experience!
Ken ans Vicki MeyerKen ans Vicki Meyer
22:22 15 Apr 21
Brought 4 family members for a turkey hunt everything was great from guides to the owners great people can't wait to come back going home with all of our turkeys and big smiles.
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