Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Shooting a flying pheasant in Kansas

A Guided Pheasant Hunt with 10 Gauge

At 10 Gauge Outfitters, you will awake to the smell of a country breakfast with coffee brewing. While you eat your breakfast and prepare for the morning hunt, we will get the hunting gear loaded up and ready to head to the field. Early in the morning you have the opportunity to watch our German Shorthairs work in the morning sunrise, as there is nothing more beautiful than a rooster pheasant on the rise, a German Shorthair swiftly behind on point and the sun just breaking the horizon.

Time to Hit the Fields!

During our Kansas pheasant hunts, hunters walk with their group into the wind as much as possible. This helps the bird dogs find and track the scent and can help prevent the hunting party from flushing the pheasants out of shooting range. We hunt a mixture of CRP grasslands and row crops.

Walk with shotgun pointed in a safe direction yet ready for a smooth, quick shot on a flushing pheasant. Colder days mean the slower the walking pace as birds are more likely to hold tight in the thick field cover. Listen carefully to the surroundings as sometimes pheasants in dense cover will rustle the weeds and grass before flushing.

After a couple of hours of hunting behind you and a limit of roosters, we will head back to Kinsley for lunch. From there clients are able to sit back and enjoy the comforts of our hunting lodge. If you have arranged prior, we will then hunt quail in the afternoons after the group has had time to fill up on food and beverages. Quail hunts will take place in the sand hill plum thickets with dogs and UTV.

A Warm Meal at Day’s End

You will return to be served a dinner and dessert that is guaranteed to restore burnt calories from the days hunt. Once your appetite is satisfied, you may lounge around in the game room to tell the stories of the day’s events (true and stretched truths we are sure). Meanwhile our staff can clean your birds and package them for your return travel if requested.

Come experience our pheasant hunts with wonderful food, hospitality, and the old west feel. We look forward to seeing you here.



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    Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - A pheasant hunting group in front of a hunting bus.

    Double Barrel Bus

    Check it out! Ride in style in the Double Barrel Bus. This custom bus is decked out specifically for our pheasant and quail hunting clients. The 4×4 beast will sit 22 hunters comfortably and get you to and from the fields in any weather. Complete with storage for all your guns and ammunition safely and out of the way. Coolers are filled with water and drinks for the day in the field and what bus would not be complete with out an amazing sound system. Combine that with color changing lighting, every trip is sure to be a party!

    The Double Barrel Bus is typically used for our medium-larger groups when hunting the same field or when available.  The bus is available to pick clients up at the local or Dodge City Airport (groups of 12 or more).

    Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - A Plated Dinner at 10 Gauge Outfitters

    Your Meals & Entertainment

    Get ready to sit back and relax at the lodge after your hunt. There are plenty of amenities to enjoy from food & drink to enjoying an evening by the fire. We go to great lengths to make sure your time at our lodge is memorable.

    Meals: Our meals are cooked by one of the finest chefs from Kansas City. With a strong influence of southern style cooking you will take your taste buds on a wild ride. Breakfast is typically served in the morning before your hunt. Ranging from eggs, toast & hash-browns to breakfast burritos and waffles. Lunches consist of sandwiches or soups, something quick and light in case you have to hit the field again in the afternoon.  After your hunt your evening meals range from wood-fired pizzas to plated dinners showcasing some of the best southern style cooking around.  All meals are pre-planned according to our schedule of hunters and guests at the lodge.

    Entertainment: There is plenty to do around the lodge. We have a functional soda bar and coffee machine for clients to enjoy. You can get a card game going on our custom 10 Gauge Outfitter table or enjoy the sports game that might be on tv that evening. If the inside is not enough, step outside to our outdoor living area that will knock your socks off. A giant outdoor room featuring seating for everyone, large outdoor fireplace, state of the art sound system, large tv and plenty more outdoor games to enjoy.

    Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Enjoy our Outdoor Living Space

    Our Lodging and Accommodations

    The 10 Gauge hunting lodge, located just north of Kinsley, Kansas, was originally built in an early 1900’s. Our updated lodge boasts a large 6-bedroom, 2 lofts, 6-bath lodge that can comfortably sleep up to 22 hunters and or guests. If that is not enough room for your group of pheasant hunters, we also have a 2 bed bunkhouse that allows for more guests.

    Accommodations are clean, comfortable with that feeling of home. Lodging can be limited within our Kansas pheasant hunts, please book early on to guarantee yourself a memorable experience.