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2012 Kansas Deer Hunting Season at 10 Gauge Outfitters

Well as the 2012 deer season came to a close, we had another good season. Three out of five bow clients were successful and Seven out of Seven gun clients harvested their trophy.  This gives 10 Gauge a 100% success rate for gun clients the past three seasons.

The past two years of drought has affected the antler growth in several ways. The antlers do not seem to weigh quite as much as they normally would and they seem to break up much more easily during the rut. I think the mass has been affected the most with tine length a close second. We hope to have a good snow this winter and a wet spring, with some rain fall during summer this coming year. We are supplementing more protein into our feeders, trying to help with shortage due to drought. We will also be putting out more mineral and supplements during winter and spring as well as going to a year around feed program instead of stopping during summer months when crops are most plentiful.  I hope you will come join 10 Gauge Outfitters for your hunt of a lifetime, memories not to be forgotten.

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