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Pheasant and Quail Populations in Kansas 2013

2013 Kansas Upland Hunting Preview

With severe drought and heat in recent years, some parts of Kansas have suffered. There was a significant declines in pheasant and quail populations than others. Dismal outlooks are offset by positive forecasts if a search is performed in the right location. Some spring rains in 2013 coupled with a later wheat harvest have some favorable conditions for nesting and upland bird production.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Tim Weddington, owner and guide for 10 Gauge Outfitters in Kinsley Kansas, said, “Our pheasant and quail populations are seeing more birds than last year. There’s a big upswing in pheasants.” also observed several coveys of quail on land leased for his hunting operation. Tim has implemented a very strong habitat program on his properties. Through this he is able to see a positive growth in pheasant and quail populations compared to a decline. This may be why is a successful upland hunting outfitter in Kansas.

In dry years, birds naturally seek out the water sources. Clients at 10 Gauge Outfitters will hunt in the areas of consistent water resources. Irrigation circle corners containing wheat stubble, milo stubble or CRP are prime habitat areas. “All of my places we hunt pheasants on are built for pheasants; it’s pheasant hunting habitat.”  “We plant strips of CRP or milo as well.” Attracting and providing cover and food for birds can help maintain healthy populations year after year.

With the help of Tim and many others, proper habitat production areas will continue to grow the upland hunting experience in Kansas. If your are looking for the Midwest’s Ultimate Pheasant Hunting lodge, check out 10 Gauge Outfitters for your next adventure.

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