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2013 Kansas Spring Turkey Season

Hunting Turkeys in Kansas – 2013

Spring turkey hunts are just around the corner for the 2013 season. Last year in Kansas we saw three distinct hatches during the spring. We have also noticed an increase of turkeys around the deer feeders this year. Together this translates into a great upcoming turkey hunting season as well as future seasons are looking promising. In a couple years there should be a plentiful abundance of good tom’s on the property.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - We have Rio Grande Turkey and a hybrid Eastern’s in 10 Gauge hunting areas. Through hunting the different species across the U.S. I believe the Rio’s are the most responsive to calls and the most vocal. Merriam’s are a close second. Nothing will get your heart racing more than getting out in the prairie as dawn breaks and listening to multiple toms gobble their heads off, while on the roost. Then, as they fly down, the prairie starts to thunder with the toms trying to call the hens up.

It is always an exciting time when you have to choose between multiple toms. We hope you can join us this spring and experience the rumble (gobble gobble) in the Mid-West. Contact us to join us on one of our Spring turkey hunts!