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A Guide to European Pheasant Hunts

Introduction To European Pheasant Hunts

European pheasant hunts are where hunting a specific game, like pheasant, is allowed under controlled conditions. These privately owned and managed hunting areas are licensed by states such as Kansas. European pheasant hunts have an extended upland bird season that runs from September 1st through March 31st. In some states and cases, you need to have a special hunting license to hunt during the extended season. 


10 Gauge Outfitters has put endless hours of work into providing clients with more opportunities hunting upland game. European Pheasant Hunts with 10 Gauge are amazing! Hunting these grounds as early as September gives you an opportunity to prepare for the fall season. Also, European Pheasant Hunts are extended until the end of March. So, if you still need to get your fill of pheasants during the regular season, you can get out there and enjoy them through March. 

Guided Kansas Pheasant Hunting

Book your trip early and learn why we have the Midwest’s ultimate pheasant hunting location! Daily bag limits for the regular season is 4 pheasants per person, and we are sure to max that limit out for our clients.  10 Gauge Outfitters offers both guided small group and we also have corporate pheasant hunts for those larger groups and events available. For more details, check out our pheasant hunting page for more details.

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Planning Your European Pheasant Hunt

The best time for European pheasant hunts is early on in the season, like September. Additionally, the warmer weather makes hunting much more enjoyable. European pheasant hunts in the late winter are another great option. After the regular season has closed off, getting that last pheasant is always a great feeling. These hunts provide more hunting opportunities, supports wildlife conservation, and promotes responsible hunting practices. 

To book your next European pheasant hunt with 10 Gauge Outfitters, visit our website and fill out our contact form. If you need more information on the types of hunts we offer, party sizes, and accommodation, check out our website, call us, or email us. 

Preparing for Your Hunt

Some items that you will want to bring on your next pheasant hunt include

  • 12 or 20ga semi-auto (12ga preferred) 
  • Ammo – high brass – unplugged, and extensions are legal  
  • Proper hunting gear that should include hunting pants, field boots, cap, and vest
  • Cooler to transport your birds home
  • Water and field care supplies 
  • Safety equipment 

Before any hunt, you must understand all rules and regulations regarding where and what you are hunting. At 10 Gauge Outfitters, we know and ensure you follow all the European Pheasant Hunting and general hunting guidelines. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions before your hunt; we can help get you an answer. 

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The Hunting Experience 

During a pheasant hunt, hunters should practice walking into the wind as much as possible. This helps our dogs pick up the birds’ scent and prevents hunters from flushing the birds out of shooting range. While hunting, keeping your shotgun in a safe, pointed direction is essential. This also prepares you for a smooth transition to a hopefully successful shot. After a fun-filled hunt and a limited number of pheasants, you can find a delicious meal from our professional chef. Book your next European Pheasant Hunt with 10 Gauge Outfitters. 

Here are some tips to ensure a successful European Pheasant Hunts: 

  • Walk into the wind and use it to your advantage: Plan your approach to the grounds. Walking into the wind moves your scent away from the pheasant and allows the hunting dogs to pick up the scents of the birds. 
  • Be in good physical condition: Being physically fit gives you a steadier, quicker, and smoother shot and allows you to cover more distance without fatigue. 
  • Time your Hunts: The best times to go pheasant hunting are early morning and late evening.
  • Practice Field Safety: Safety is the most important factor when hunting. Ensure your party practices field safety, including shot angles and clearly identifying targets. 
  • Practice Handling and Shooting Skills: The more you practice, the better your shot will be! Practice mounting the gun to your shoulder and aiming. 

Post Hunt Considerations

While you are in the area, Kinsley has plenty of other fun to offer. Kinsley, known as mid-way USA, is 1561 miles between New York City and San Francisco. Check out the small, lively town that is loaded with history. Some popular attractions in the area include

  • Edwards Country Club Golf Course
  • Disc Golf
  • Barron Theater 
  • Big Well Museum 
  • Boot Hill Museum 
  • Edward County Historical Museum and Sod House 
  • Dodge City Raceway 

There are plenty of fantastic dining options around Kinsley. 

Why Choose European Pheasant Hunting? 

When choosing between a European pheasant hunt and a traditional hunt, European pheasant hunt can offer a better experience. These hunts simply provide you with more time of the year to get out and do what you love. Being able to hunt outside the normal season gives you more flexibility in your schedule and prioritizes a unique out-of-season hunting experience.

Check out 10 Gauge Outfitters reviews and testimonials to see how much everyone loves our all-inclusive hunts. 10 Gauge Outfitters would love to host you for an amazing European pheasant hunt.


Getting The Most Out of Your European Pheasant Hunt Experience With 10 Gauge Outfitters 

10 Gauge Outfitters is the premium hunting lodge choice for European pheasant hunts. From our dedication to maintaining sustainable hunting habitats to our luxury lodge, 10 Gauge Outfitters has it all. Everyone gathering and sharing this hunting experience makes 10 Gauge Outfitters unique. By the time you and your party leave us, we will all feel like family. European pheasant hunts provide an exceptional experience during and outside of the season. Our team of professionals will be at your side, ensuring you have a fun and successful hunt. While hunting with us, we will get you to hit all your limits! Contact us today to schedule your next all-inclusive European pheasant hunt. 

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