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A Guide to European Tower Pheasant Hunts

Elevating Your Trip with European Tower Pheasant Hunts

Add some excitement to your business meetings with European Tower Pheasant Hunts. Offered by 10 Gauge Outfitters, these hunts combine thrill, friendships, and luxurious housing. In the stunning landscape of Kansas, treat clients or reward employees with an amazing experience that will create lifelong bonds and promote teamwork.

Guided Kansas Pheasant Hunting

Book your trip early and learn why we have the Midwest’s ultimate pheasant hunting location! Daily bag limits for the regular season is 4 pheasants per person, and we are sure to max that limit out for our clients.  10 Gauge Outfitters offers both guided small group and we also have corporate pheasant hunts for those larger groups and events available. For more details, check out our pheasant hunting page for more details.

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The Unique Appeal of European Tower Hunting for Businesses

For companies looking to create lasting impressions, European Tower Hunting has a special charm. These hunts, which are led by 10 Gauge Outfitters, are perfect for business outings because they offer a combination of elegant hospitality and thrilling activity. Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Kansas, the hunts offer a distinctive setting for employee incentives, client entertainment, or team-building. In an amazing setting, organizations may establish lasting relationships and leave a lasting impression thanks to the thrill of the pursuit, expert guides, and beautiful accommodations.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Hunter shooting at pheasants
Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - A youth hunter shooting at passing dove
Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Young hunter shooting at a dove

Planning Your European Tower Hunt: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Research Outfitters: Look into trustworthy outfitters that provide European Tower Hunts, such as 10 Gauge Outfitters.
  • Pick Dates: Pick dates that work for both your schedule and the hunting season, which runs from September to March on average.
  • Establish Group Size: Choose how many others will be joining you on the hunt, taking into account their needs for lodging and transportation.
  • Make Travel Arrangements: Plan your transportation to and from the hunting area; for larger groups, take into account solutions like the Double Barrel Bus.
  • Verify Amenities: Make sure the outfitter has everything you need for a hassle-free hunting experience, including meals, dogs, and guides.
  • Assemble the necessary hunting equipment, such as shotguns, ammo, and suitable clothing for the hunt.
  • Communicate Expectations: Let the outfitter know about any special needs or desires you have for the experience for your group.
  • Savor the Hunt: At last, show up ready to take in the excitement of European Tower Hunting and make enduring memories with your group or clients.

Maximizing Team Building Through European Tower Hunts

European Tower Shoots can help you get the most out of team building by encouraging cooperation, communication, and bonding in an exciting outdoor environment. Team members should be encouraged to work together and form bonds while having an amazing hunting experience.

The Role of European Tower Hunts in Enhancing Team Dynamics

  • Encourages Communication: Throughout the hunt, team members should feel free to discuss with one another.
  • Builds Trust: The team’s reliance on one another in the field promotes trust and comradery.
  • Improves Collaboration: Hunting objectives require coordinated efforts, which strengthens cooperation abilities.
  • Offers Shared Experience: Fosters enduring shared experiences that strengthen connections and unity within the team.
  • Develops Leadership: Leadership opportunities present themselves, giving people the chance to show off their skills and motivate other members of the team.

Customizing Your European Tower Hunting Experience

With 10 Gauge Outfitters, customizing your European Tower Hunting experience is a breeze. You may create the perfect experience by choosing your perfect hunt day, lodging, and even party size. Talk about your preferences with the outfitter so that accommodations, food, and transportation may all be tailored to your exact specifications and make your trip in the great outdoors one to remember.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - A tower shoot hunter waiting for the pheasants to fly again.
Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Hunter waiting for pheasants to be released from the tower.
Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Shooting pheasants in Kansas at a hunt.

The All-Inclusive European Tower Hunt Package

What’s Included: From Lodging to Field

  • Accommodations: The 10 Gauge hunting lodge offers cozy lodging with roomy rooms and contemporary conveniences.
  • Dogs & Guides: Throughout your hunt, get professional instruction from qualified guides and support from well-trained hunting dogs.
  • Lunches: Savor delectable meals that are created and offer a range of snacks to satiate your desire.
  • Sporting Clays: During your stay, hone your shooting talents with access to sporting clays, which also offer more recreational activities.

Tailoring Packages to Fit Your Business Needs

Businesses can tailor hunting trips with 10 Gauge Outfitters to their requirements by customizing packages. Whether planning team-building exercises, corporate trips, or entertainment for clients, choices for lodging, transportation, and activities may all be changed to create a customized package that ideally suits preferences and business goals.

Preparing for Your European Tower Pheasant Hunt

To be ready for your European Tower Pheasant Hunt, make sure you have firearms and clothes that fit. Make sure lodging and transportation are scheduled in advance and share your preferences with the outfitter.

Essential Gear and Attire for a Successful Hunt

  • Shotgun: Bring a 12 or 20-gauge shotgun, preferably semi-automatic.
  • Ammunition: Use high brass #5 shells, ensuring an effective shot.
  • Hunting Attire: Wear durable field pants, field boots, and a blaze orange hat or cap for safety.
  • Cooler: Bring a cooler to transport harvested birds.
  • Comfort: Pack house shoes for the lodge and ensure all gear is suitable for the hunting environment.

Safety First: Ensuring a Secure Hunting Experience for Your Team

Put safety first when hunting by using safety precautions. Adhere to strict guidelines for the safe handling and storage of firearms. Make sure everyone is visible by wearing blaze orange. Give instructions on how to safely navigate hunting areas and safety briefings. Throughout the hunt, keep your team members informed and follow emergency protocols to ensure a safe and fun experience.

Getting to Your European Tower Pheasant Hunt

Drive or Fly

To conveniently reach your European Tower Pheasant Hunt venue, you can choose to drive or fly. If you’re driving, be sure your itinerary and route are adjusted. Alternatively, take a plane to the closest airport and make travel arrangements to the hunting site. Work with the outfitter to arrange all of the details so that the exciting hunt experience seamlessly transitions from travel.

 Time driving from popular airports or big cities nearby

  • Dodge City, Kansas: Roughly 1 hour drive to reach the outfitters.
  • Wichita, Kansas: Approximately 3 hours’ drive to 10 Gauge Outfitters.
  • Topeka, Kansas: Around 3.5 hours’ drive to reach the outfitters.
  • Kansas City, Missouri: Approximately 4 hours’ drive to 10 Gauge Outfitters.
  • Lincoln, Nebraska: Approximately 4.5 hours’ drive to 10 Gauge Outfitters.

Beyond the Hunt: Additional Team-Building Activities

From Shooting Ranges to Evening Bonfires

Engage in activities outside hunting, such as nighttime fires and shooting ranges. Get better at hitting sporting clays or relax by the fire while exchanging anecdotes with other hunters. These extra adventures add value to your journey, encouraging relaxation and companionship and making sure that everyone has a well-rounded and unforgettable experience.

Leveraging Downtime for Maximum Engagement

During your Pheasant Hunt, make the most of your downtime by participating in relaxing and team-building activities. Give people chances to relax and connect, such as at night with bonfires or on shooting ranges. These times of relaxation and friendship add to the whole experience and guarantee that everyone has the most fun and involvement. You can make your hunting trip memorable and well-rounded, leaving a lasting effect on your squad, by making the most of your downtime.

Why Choose Us for Your European Tower Pheasant Hunting Event

Select us for your European Tower Pheasant Hunting Event to enjoy unmatched hospitality, knowledgeable guides, luxurious lodging, and a variety of customizable choices that guarantee a unique and customized experience for your group.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Dove hunter with an over/under shotgun
Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - A group of prairie dog hunters
Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - A hunter retrieving his dove that was shot

Our Commitment to Excellence in Corporate Entertainment

Our meticulous attention to detail, luxurious lodgings, and wide selection of activities demonstrate our dedication to providing corporate entertainment of the highest caliber. From customized team-building activities to European Tower Pheasant Hunts, we make sure every detail of your event is carefully planned and carried out beyond your expectations.

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    Top 5 FAQs About European Tower Pheasant Hunts

    The optimal group size varies depending on your preferences and needs, but our accommodations can comfortably host up to 26 hunters and guests.

    Participants of all skill levels are welcome, as our professional guides cater to both novice and experienced hunters, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

    Absolutely, we offer customizable packages tailored to your company’s preferences, including accommodations, activities, and amenities, ensuring a personalized and unforgettable experience for your team.

    Participants should bring essential gear such as shotguns, ammunition, appropriate attire, and coolers for transporting harvested birds. Detailed recommendations are provided upon booking.

    To book your hunt, simply contact us via phone or email with your preferred dates and group size.