Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - A look at 10 Gauge Outfitters in Kansas

A Pheasant Hunting Adventure – The Whisper

In a place known as the heartland, there exists a secret to grand to keep yet, it at its core, intimate enough to absorb you into the very fabric of our nature. It is a place where elegance meets the untamed and the prairie winds carry tales of heritage and time honored traditions. A haven where the horizon is not a boundary, but a beginning which offers Mother Nature’s most rewarding challenges, silently calling to your sense of adventure. Here, luxury is not merely an afterthought. It is ingrained into every tiny detail, giving you a large scale experience from every cut of wood to the rich soil beneath our foundation. These elements echo a passion, handcrafted through our story. Welcome to the place where dreams turn into reality. Welcome to 10 Gauge Outfitters.

Located in the Heartland – Kinsley Kansas

So here at 10 Gauge, to us it’s not just an outfitting business. It’s an outfitting life. We don’t do this part time. We’re not farmers. We don’t have other employment. We do this year round. We’re located in Kinsley, Kansas, which is called Midway, USA. It’s 1561 miles to New York City, 1561 miles to San Francisco. So we’re right smack dab in the middle of the great U.S. of A. 10 Gauge Outfitters is kind of out in the middle of nowhere, but it is the middle of Kansas. It gets pretty exciting out here. You know, you have the deer, quail, pheasant. You’ve got turkeys. You have everything that you would really want to hunt. And because of this, this is the reason that 10 Gauge Outfitters is a special place for you to come out, and have a hunt of a lifetime.

Our Clientele

So 70% of our business is repeat clients. It’s either repeat clients or a referral from a client who’s been here. Our clientele base just keeps growing based on someone tells their friend, their friend comes here, he’s blown away and he gets get six more of his friends and he comes back. No, I think what blows them away the most is each year they come here, there’s something new added to what we’re doing. We take it to another level, whether it be new properties, whether it be a new outdoor kitchen, whether it be a party bus, just all these little things that we add each year to try to make someone say, okay, man, they’ve ratcheted up to the next level. We’ve got to go back again just to see what’s going to be new the next year when clients come in for the first time, I think they’re a bit taken aback. They come in kind of wondering what they’re in for, what’s going to happen by the time they’re leaving. They don’t want to leave. They want to stay. You know, 10 Gauge Outfitters is their house now.

Handcrafted to excellence

My wife and I poured our hearts out into this place. We handcrafted it. We came up with all the ideas for how to design it, how to decor it, how to build everything for it. We made it because we wanted it to be the exact way that makes you feel You’re so at home. It’s so warm, it’s so inviting. I mean, 10 Gauge Outfitters treat you as a family. We’re not going to just get you in, get you out. That’s not how we work. It’s the whole experience of everything. You know, the food, the hunt, the lodge, the people that you’re around, the dogs. It’s all that experience and we don’t want you to go away feeling that you just came out here to just shoot. We want you to actually enjoy yourself and feel at home. We put everything together to make it not just one single aspect that makes this hunt of a lifetime.

Extraordinary Hunting Experiences

10 Gauge Outfitters. A paradox on the plains that serves as the unexpected monument to sophistication, amidst the simplicity of Midway, U.S.A. A beacon of warmth and excitement, standing tall against the horizon, ensuring the fire of our adventurous spirit is always lit Within the moments that mark our lives, even a whisper can be resounding, but only to the discerning ear. A silent stalk through the bristling grass, the heart stopping moment of a flush and the steady exhale before the shot. These are not merely sounds, but a call, summoning you to a place that is both unexpected and unforgettable. At this mid-point in the middle of nowhere, you will find everything you’ve been looking for and share a closeness only possible in America’s vast heartland. At 10 Gauge Outfitters, we believe extraordinary is not the exception. It’s the rule. And that the best adventure is more than just pursuing game, it’s where the game leads you. To a place where every stay is more than a journey from some place, but rather, a homecoming.