Grub Time for Upland Hunting Dogs

Feeding your Upland & Pheasant Hunting Dog Have him fetch a few times. Review sit and stay commands or other obedience training. Take him for a walk. Then, reward him with his breakfast. This is probably a typical morning for many upland hunting dog owners. However, more and more research is pointing to the benefits […]

How to Avoid Gun Shyness with Your Pheasant Dog

Best Pheasant Hunting Dog Tips Our fear is that they fear. Gun-shyness in pheasant hunting dogs creates a rotten feeling in a dog owner’s stomach. All that an owner hoped for is now on the verge of collapse. How does this happen, and what can dog owners do when not in the field to prepare […]

Upland Hunting Dog Hydration

Keeping Your Pheasant Hunting Dog Hydrated Many long-time upland hunting dog owners will take a sport drink, such as Gatorade, along to the field for their dogs. The thinking is keep hunting dog hydration plentiful. Keeping their dogs running in good condition for a long day of Kansas hunting pheasants and quail. Typically, gun dog […]

Leadership with Gun Dogs – Pheasant Dog Training

Teaching your Pheasant Hunting Dog Leadership Calm-assertive leadership to pheasant dog training, of course, that a hunter is not yelling or losing control. It means that no matter what happens, the hunter—the leader—is in a relaxed state of mind, voice and body. Plastic food wraps and I don’t get along. I’m talking about the kind […]

Conditioning Upland Dogs

Keeping your Pheasant Hunting Dog in Shape Ten years ago over 100 gundogs died on the South Dakota pheasant hunting weekend due to the extreme heat and/or lack of conditioning of the dogs. Going home from a pheasant hunting trip without your best friend is unimaginable for most and horrific for anyone to think about. […]

Good Book for Training Pheasant Dogs

Notes on Training Your Pheasant Hunting Dog I once asked a long-time bird dog owner what literature he would recommend to a new dog owner wanting to training pheasant dogs. Without hesitation, he said two words: “Gun Dog.” The late Richard A. Wolters has authored several books about training hunting dogs. Gun Dog is widely […]