Pheasant Hunting Guide

Learn everything there is to know about Pheasant Hunting in Kansas in our Pheasant Hunting Guide. Selecting the right pheasant hunting outfitter is crucial, and 10 Gauge Outfitters stands out in the crowd.

Experience a Wild Pheasant Hunt and Mix in a Few Quail!

Wild Kansas Pheasant Hunts Another year and another forecast for the pheasant hunting here in Kansas. Come and experience our wild pheasant hunts here at 10 Gauge! As a result of increased breeding populations and excellent nesting conditions. Pheasant hunting this fall is expected to be similar to or improved compared to 2015. Kansas continues […]

Cleaning Your Pheasant Gun

Pheasant Hunting Gun Cleaning Tips Putting that pheasant hunting gun in the safe or closet without cleaning it thoroughly after walking several miles chasing Kansas ringneck pheasants is all too easy sometimes. Feet are tired. Dog is fed and watered. Make sure the gun is unloaded and tuck the gun away for the night. “I could clean […]

How to Safely Cross Fences While Hunting

Pheasant Hunting Safety My neighbor once reminisced about the times he first took his son hunting and discussed hunting safety with him. He laughed when he remembering how young Jeff was barely big enough to walk through thick cover on his Kansas hunt. Nevertheless, the young boy loved going along even though he wasn’t allowed […]

Advantages of a Hunter Orange Cap

Blaze Orange on Your Pheasant Hunt A Filson Tin Cloth pheasant hunting hat give hunters a distinguished look in the field, it is not as useful as blaze orange hat when hunting. The sight of a pheasant falling from the sky after the shotguns fire is usually a satisfying site. However, that can quickly change […]