Optics for Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dog Hunting Optics When preparing for a Kansas prairie dog hunt, selecting good quality optics will pay dividends when the barrels start heating up. Tim Weddington, at 10 Gauge Outfitters, said, “Having good optics for prairie dogs is the number one priority.” When searching for a quality scope to top that varmint gun, look […]

How to Safely Cross Fences While Hunting

Pheasant Hunting Safety My neighbor once reminisced about the times he first took his son hunting and discussed hunting safety with him. He laughed when he remembering how young Jeff was barely big enough to walk through thick cover on his Kansas hunt. Nevertheless, the young boy loved going along even though he wasn’t allowed […]

Sharpening Skills for Shooting Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dog Hunting Shooting Tips Seeing that blaze orange vest hanging in the closet is a sharp reminder of how far away the fall hunting seasons are. The spring turkey hunting season is behind us, but there is an opportunity for hunters to sharpen their skills shooting prairie dogs. Kansas prairie dog hunting is this […]

Prairie Dog Hunting Scope Apps

Best Prairie Dog Hunting Scopes This is a review of the Istrelok app and Vortex PST Viper scope mounted on a custom built 22-250 prairie dog hunting scope. After being recommended to look into the Istrelok app I searched and downloaded it. To begin you enter your zero distance in yards, your scope height in […]

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