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Great American Outdoors

Hunting Pheasants in Kansas

The Great American Outdoors! Suggesting that we are fortunate here in America would be an understatement. Few people have the freedoms we enjoy every day. How many folks have the freedom to walk out across the prairie grasses, cut crop fields on a regular basis? Some may lament the fact that they have quite a drive to reach hunting grounds. Or, they say they are “busy.”

A wise man told me once that we’re all “busy,” but what we decide to do with our time constitutes what that busyness really means.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Do a little research on how many places in the world can a person drive to the local sporting goods store, purchase a license or permit, buy a gun to drive the next day to hunt wild game. I am so thankful of the wide-open Kansas hunting spaces, the back trails and fields, the smell of the fall leaves. The fresh air, and the sound my gun makes when chambering. Even the blessings of friends and family who tag along to chase after many things wild.

We all can pay tribute to the blessed lives we have by planning more hunting this season. Make time to celebrate the Great American Outdoors.