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This is a review of the Istrelok app and Vortex PST Viper scope mounted on a custom built 22-250 prairie dog hunting scope. After being recommended to look into the Istrelok app I searched and downloaded it. To begin you enter your zero distance in yards, your scope height in inches, and the vertical click measurement (i.e. mrads, moa, inches, cm). Follow this by the horizontal click as well. Next you select the model of your scope and reticle. Finally enter your cartridge data information(i.e. bullet weight, ballistic coefficient, bullet speed in FPS, etc). Now your app is set to use with your rifle.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - After entering all of my data into the application I took my rifle out to the prairie dog fields to put it to the test. I ranged the first target to obtain my yardage. Checked the wind speed in MPH, and selected a wind direction in degrees. After entering these I hit calculate. This provides a duplicate sight picture with a yellow marker indicating the hold point. Using this app combined with a Vortex PST Viper 6×24 with mrad reticle is deadly. Out as far as 686 yards confirmed kill. Also I used this same set up to shoot a metal gong target 24 high by 16 wide and was able to hit 3 out 4 shots at 811 yards.

The prairie dog hunting scope was dialed in!