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Good Book for Training Pheasant Dogs

Notes on Training Your Pheasant Hunting Dog

I once asked a long-time bird dog owner what literature he would recommend to a new dog owner wanting to training pheasant dogs. Without hesitation, he said two words: “Gun Dog.” The late Richard A. Wolters has authored several books about training hunting dogs. Gun Dog is widely regarded as a top work in training hunting dogs for upland game.

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He teaches with clarity and with illustrations the importance of hand signals, and how to help your dog make the point. He also points out how to zigzag in the field and much more. At what age should a puppy start consistent training? How can the “sit and stay” commands be life-saving for a dog? Is a forced retrieve ever necessary? Why is the tone of voice so critical in training? Readers will find answers to these critical questions in this educational book to training pheasant dogs.

Wolters calls his system the “Revolutionary Rapid Training Method” and claims it is for the hunter who desires “a gun dog fast and who wants to train it himself.” Don’t let the 1961 copyright date dissuade you: the practices are widely recognized and praised by many breeders, backed by scientific research and tested with time. Gun Dog is certainly a classic.

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