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How to Safely Cross Fences While Hunting

Pheasant Hunting Safety

My neighbor once reminisced about the times he first took his son hunting and discussed hunting safety with him. He laughed when he remembering how young Jeff was barely big enough to walk through thick cover on his Kansas hunt.

Nevertheless, the young boy loved going along even though he wasn’t allowed to carry a gun yet. The points my neighbor never fails to impress upon me when telling these stories of thirty-some years ago. The same hunting safety lessons he passed on to his son on these early hunting trips. “Deliberate” was the word he used to describe how they approached crossing fences.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Safety while Hunting

My neighbor described how they would always take their time. Unload their guns and be deliberate about crossing fences with firearms safely. The adults would pass the unloaded guns across to the empty-handed adult on the other side so that everyone could cross safely without holding a firearm. Whether it fence or obstacle, there is no reason to hurry over.

If hunting safety truly comes first, then my neighbor is a master planner: teach even the youngest among us about how to do things safely. Do it the first time and every time. For if they see the safe way to cross fences is the only way, then we are doing our part in teaching safe hunting during your Kansas hunting.