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Kansas Pheasant Hunting Strategies

Tips for Hunting Pheasants and Quail

When hunters in blaze orange vests, canvas-faced jeans and leather boots step out of their trucks, they are anxious to set foot in the field. No one wants to chew the fat or over pheasant hunting strategies while holding loaded shotguns. So, if the layout of the field is known, talk about it at the breakfast table while drinking hot coffee. Check the maps if available through the KDWPT. Discuss who is going to walk where. Take into consideration which and whose dog(s) will be in that field. Be sure to factor in wind direction and blockers. All these factors can be address to ensure a great experience can had by all.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Sorting out your pheasant hunting strategies in advance will often bring about who is going to take charge. In an outfitter setting, the guide, of course, will do this for the party. On other occasions, designating a leader for the group helps alleviate disagreements once arriving at the field, and it aides in providing clear communication for a safe hunt. Hunters need to know the movement and intents of others in the field.

What’s done at breakfast can make a huge difference in how smoothly the morning hunt goes.

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