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Kansas Turkey Hunting Success

A Kansas Turkey Hunt

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - On this Kansas turkey hunting adventure, something amazing happened. A client ends up dropping two beautiful Rio Grande Turkeys with one shot! Talk about a once in a lifetime hunt and opportunity!

While it is not heavily advertised, we do enjoy taking clients out on a Kansas turkey hunt. We have 16,000 acres scattered with plenty of food and habitat that turkey’s enjoy. With an abundance of Rio Grande turkey that populate our region, success rates are extremely high, even for someone enjoying their first hunt.

Your hunt starts on the day you arrive here at our lodge. We show you the property, discuss different areas to set up and fill you up on a great meal. The next morning we get you up and set for your turkey hunting adventure. We highly suggest clients stay in their blinds as long as possible, with most tagging out the first day.

After the Shot

Once you are able to bag your self a Rio Grande turkey you can have the opportunity to relax at the lodge, add another turkey hunt, or maybe try some Kansas prairie dog hunts. We welcome everyone to look at our combo hunts, it is the best way to take advantage of an adventure.

If you or someone you know that might be looking to come to Kinsley Kansas on their first turkey hunting trip, look us up. We are sure you will be heading home with a turkey or two and a smile!