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Sharpening Skills for Shooting Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dog Hunting Shooting Tips

Seeing that blaze orange vest hanging in the closet is a sharp reminder of how far away the fall hunting seasons are. The spring turkey hunting season is behind us, but there is an opportunity for hunters to sharpen their skills shooting prairie dogs. Kansas prairie dog hunting is this opportunity.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Prairie dog hunting from a towerUnless you want to hunt coyotes in the heat, shooting prairie dogs is something you can go do right now. while other seasons are closed right now. Shooting prairie dogs is a great way to tune up for hunting other game with rifles. For example, hitting a prairie dog at long range is excellent preparation for hitting the vitals whitetail deer. Most clients will shoot about 200 to 500 rounds per day with their own guns.

According to Weddington, the .204 is the smallest recommended round, and the flat-shooting calibers include those from that round up to the .223. Most prairie dog hunters prefer a 50 to 60-grain bullet. Weddington’s favorite round is the 22-250. In Kansas, the prairie dog season is open year-round. There is no possession or maximum daily bag limit. The regulations are fairly simple, and more information can be found on the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism website.

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