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Cleaning Your Pheasant Gun

Pheasant Hunting Gun Cleaning Tips Putting that pheasant hunting gun in the safe or closet without cleaning it thoroughly after walking several miles chasing Kansas ringneck pheasants is all too easy sometimes. Feet are tired. Dog is fed and watered. Make sure the gun is unloaded and tuck...

Great American Outdoors

Hunting Pheasants in Kansas The Great American Outdoors! Suggesting that we are fortunate here in America would be an understatement. Few people have the freedoms we enjoy every day. How many folks have the freedom to walk out across the prairie grasses, cut crop fields on...

Finding Wounded Pheasants

Tracking a Wounded Pheasant The shotguns break that still, Kansas autumn air, and hunters smile as they see those colorful pheasants fall. However, as one hunter nears the spot of the downed pheasant, he realizes he just wounded the bird and didn’t kill it cleanly. He...

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