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Introduction to Kansas Pheasant Hunting

Step into the exhilarating world of Kansas Pheasant Hunting with 10 Gauge Outfitters! The echoes of shotgun blasts reverberate as elusive roosters take flight. Unveiling the secrets of precise leading, angles, and all things pheasant, we invite you to join us in mastering the art of pheasant hunting.

Guided Kansas Pheasant Hunting

Book your trip early and learn why we have the Midwest’s ultimate pheasant hunting location! Daily bag limits for the regular season is 4 pheasants per person, and we are sure to max that limit out for our clients.  10 Gauge Outfitters offers both guided small group and we also have corporate pheasant hunts for those larger groups and events available. For more details, check out our pheasant hunting page for more details.

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Why 10 Gauge: Choosing the Right Hunting Outfitter

Selecting the right pheasant hunting outfitter is crucial, and 10 Gauge Outfitters stands out in the crowd. Beyond the spectrum of cost, we pride ourselves on delivering a distinctive experience. Our commitment to providing top-notch amenities and unmatched dedication ensures not just a pleasurable hunt but a lifetime adventure. Join us for a hunting experience like no other.

Pheasant Hunting Tips: Essentials for Success

Get ready for your most memorable hunting experience yet! Before you head out, check out these tips for the best time.

  1. Adjust your feet when the bird flushes so that you can swing through it without contorting your body.
  2. Move your muzzle toward the bird while you mount your gun.
  3. For most shots, think, “Butt-beak-bang!” Don’t allow flapping wings or long tail feathers to distract you.
  4. Generally speaking, the angles are a review in geometry: the closer the pheasant’s flight is to a right angle to you, the farther in front your muzzle needs to be.
  5. If the rooster is quartering away, think of shooting the near wing off.
  6. Is a bird rising hard? “Wipe it out” with your shotgun before firing. That is, cover up the bird before pulling the trigger.
  7. If you forget all else, just remember to keep the gun moving and keep your eyes on the bird.
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Preparing for the Hunt

Gear up for your Kansas Pheasant Hunt with essential preparations. Below you can explore fitness tips in the section “Getting in Shape,” discover practical attire in “What to Wear,” and prioritize safety with “Wearing Blaze Orange.” Stay tuned for expert advice to enhance your hunting experience.


Getting in Shape for Your Kansas Pheasant Hunt

Since pheasant and quail hunting can take hunters through miles of physically demanding walking, stick to a routine of both cardiovascular and strength training four to six days a week. Check out some tips for getting in shape before your pheasant hunt.

  1. It normally takes the heart about five weeks to get conditioned for a specific activity, so don’t wait until November 1 to start.
  2. Working out with a partner helps consistency.
  3. Jog or bike regularly. Check with your physician about target heart ranges for your age. Walking can be just as effective. Try to cover at least two to three miles at a brisk pace every outing. Occasionally walk while wearing your upland hunting boots in different types of terrain, such as in tall grass at a park.
  4. When strength training, avoid working only one part of the body. You’ll need resilience in your arms, back, and shoulders to carry and use a shotgun. You’ll need leg strength for those long days of walking. Squats, various types of lunges, and the Romanian deadlift work an appropriate balance of muscles in your legs.
  5. Push-ups and crunches are always excellent exercises that develop good upper body and core strength. If lower back soreness plagues you, check into hamstring stretches and other ways to improve abdominal strength besides the usual crunches.
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What to Wear on Your Kansas Pheasant Hunt

Deciding exactly what to wear can be befuddling when checking the forecasts in Kansas. Wearing the appropriate gear for pheasant hunting can make a more enjoyable trip to the field. Of the many factors to consider, start with checking the hourly weather forecast. Know the forecast a day or two before your arrival, and check the hourly forecast for the location where you’ll be hunting.

As with most Kansas hunting, most hunters can’t go wrong dressing in layers. The morning warms up, hunters can always shed a layer and stuff it in a pack or vest. Depending on the weather, you may want to consider wearing gloves as well, but be sure it doesn’t affect how you operate a shotgun!


Wearing Blaze Orange While Kansas Pheasant Hunting

When Kansas pheasant hunting his fall, be sure that your vest has plenty of blaze orange on both the front and the back of your vest. If you like to wear a sling pack or backpack to carry extra gear, avoid wearing tan or camouflage packs since they cover up and make you less visible. Wearing a hunter orange cap can make a hunter more visible especially in areas that are hilly or have any kind of elevation changes.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge -

This Year’s Pheasant Hunting Season

Join us for the 2024 Pheasant Hunting Season, running from November through January. Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience in the crisp, transformative landscapes of Kansas, where the thrill of the hunt reaches its peak during these months.


Season Dates and Regulations

While dates may vary depending on the state and season, here in Kansas the Pheasant Hunting Season starts in November and runs through January. Typically State wildlife agencies determine the length and regulations concerning their respective pheasant seasons, so if you are curious when the season is in your state, it’s best to check with state wildlife agencies.  

What to Expect This Season

We’re excited about the 2024 Kansas pheasant hunting season! The winter and spring conditions have been fantastic, setting the stage for what promises to be a great year. We’re eagerly awaiting the summer bird counts, and all signs point to another fantastic season ahead.

Types of Pheasant Hunts

We offer an array of experiences to suit every hunter’s preference:

  • Guided Hunts: Expert guides lead you to prime hunting spots.
  • Group Hunts: Ideal for socializing, these hunts are perfect for friends and family.
  • Corporate Hunts: Elevate team dynamics with a unique corporate hunting experience.



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A Guided Pheasant Hunt: What It Entails

Kick off your pheasant hunting adventure at 10 Gauge Outfitters with a delightful country breakfast and the sight of our German Shorthairs in the morning glow. Wander through CRP grasslands and row crops, ready for a swift shot on flushing pheasants. After a successful hunt, savor a hearty lunch at our lodge, and for those hungry for more, opt for afternoon quail hunts in sandhill plum thickets. Wrap up the day with a fulfilling dinner and dessert.


Corporate Pheasant Hunts: Team Building in the Great Outdoors

Looking for a top-notch destination for corporate pheasant hunts or company events? Just a short drive from Wichita, Topeka, and Kansas City, our 5-star lodge accommodates over 20 guests, providing a first-class experience with cozy bedrooms, a spacious great room, and entertainment options like a fire pit, bar, poker table, shooting range, and sporting clays.


European Tower Shoots: A Unique Hunting Experience

Originating as a time-honored tradition among European kings, these tower shoots involve dogs driving birds towards a line of shooters, creating an ideal setting to refine pass shooting skills. Perfect for entertaining guests or corporate outings, our tower shoots feature eight stations encircling a towering structure, releasing pheasants at intervals. Witness the birds cruising at treetop height, providing exhilarating, fast-action shooting opportunities for an unforgettable hunting adventure.

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Gun Handling and Shooting Skills

In the world of pheasant hunting, being a sharpshooter is all about mastering gun handling. While skeet and sporting clay refine accuracy, the real challenge lies in swiftly handling your firearm when a rooster takes flight unexpectedly.


 Mounting Gun to Shoulder

A successful pheasant hunt often comes down to a seamless shotgun mount. Keep your cheek on the wood, eyes on the beak, not the bead. Practice these fluid motions to boost your speed and accuracy in those fleeting moments.


Practicing the Feel of the Gun

Imagine a rooster bursting from cover, giving you just seconds to react. This is where practicing the intimate feel of your shotgun becomes crucial. Keep the stock tight to your shoulder, cheek on the comb—making quick, confident responses second nature.

Hunting Dog Training and Utilization

In the art of pheasant hunting, a well-trained hunting dog is your greatest ally. Following Tim Weddington’s wisdom, discover the nuances of hand signals, field strategies, and the early initiation of training. His “Revolutionary Rapid Training Method” ensures a swift, self-taught gun dog—a timeless approach.


Pheasant Training Dummies

Upgrade your dog’s training with exciting alternatives. Try the lifelike “Deadfowl Trainer” by Dokken, injecting a pheasant scent for a realistic touch. For a budget option, a $5 plastic knobby training dummy works well. Enhance realism by adding pheasant tail feathers or repurposed wings from harvested birds stored in the deep freeze. Your bird dog will love the challenge, making training sessions more exciting and effective.

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Engaging Hunting Dogs During Off-Season

Beyond the hunting season, keeping your dog fit is crucial. Tim Weddington recommends consistent exercise, especially during hot spells. Incorporate conditioning routines like swimming to ensure your dog remains in top shape, and ready for action. A well-conditioned upland dog is your reliable companion in the field.

During the Hunt


Understanding Lead and Angles

In pheasant hunting, knowing lead and angles is key. Lead means predicting the bird’s path, and aiming accordingly. Angles demand adjusting your approach based on the bird’s flight direction. It’s a skill honed through practice and experience for accurate and successful shots.


Adjusting Feet and Muzzle Position

In pheasant hunting, adjusting feet involves finding a stable stance tailored to diverse terrains, ensuring quiet and deliberate movement. Muzzle positioning is crucial – keep your shotgun ready for swift shots, adapting your walking pace to weather conditions. Windy days require a slower approach, while frequent stops confuse pheasants and enhance successful shots.


Pheasant Hunting in Different Types of Weather

On chilly days, capitalize on pheasants hunkering down in tall CRP grasses. Walk slowly and zigzag, paying attention to your dog, especially in strong winds. Frequent stops and watching your dog work can lead to pleasant flushes and retrieves within 20 yards. Conversely, on warmer days, cover ground efficiently at a good pace. Pheasants may prefer running, requiring a steady walking pace. Stay alert near draw edges, as birds may run out the sides. Regardless of the weather, adjust your approach for an enjoyable pheasant hunting experience.


Finding Wounded Pheasants

While the excitement of a successful shot fills the air, the discovery of a wounded pheasant requires strategic action. Deploy dogs to trace the bird and explore thick covers, where these resilient birds often seek refuge.


Field Dressing Kansas Pheasant

After a rewarding Kansas pheasant hunt, decisions on field dressing impact the quality of your meal. When traveling before dinner prep, retain a leg with a spur for identification. Even if you don’t indulge in the legs’ dark meat, someone else might appreciate it. Opt for a simple cleaning method by pulling away skin and feathers, using shears to detach wings and legs, and thoroughly washing before freezing.

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Engaging Youth in Pheasant Hunting

Introducing the joy of pheasant hunting to young enthusiasts is a cherished endeavor at 10 Gauge Outfitters. Our approach values experiences over the harvest, creating a memorable journey for young hunters to foster a lasting love for the outdoors.


Slowing Down for the Youth

At 10 Gauge Outfitters, our youth pheasant hunts prioritize the journey over the harvest. Instead of a hurried pursuit, take moments to explore and discuss the surroundings. Identify various covers, from corn to milo, creating an engaging and educational experience. For those times when roosters are elusive, craft memories with simple targets like a tossed pop can.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge -

Creating Educational Hunting Experiences

Elevate youth pheasant hunting by incorporating educational moments. Beyond the pursuit, spark discussions about wildlife and diverse covers. Delve into badger holes, sharing insights into their habits. Use deer signs as a starting point for scouting stories, fostering lasting memories beyond the hunt’s pace. Prioritize teaching to ensure an unforgettable experience for young hunters.

Corporate Pheasant Hunts

Embark on a corporate pheasant hunting adventure at 10 Gauge Outfitters in Kinsley, Kansas—a premier destination for large groups. Our 5-star lodge, a short drive from major cities, promises a memorable experience.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Corporate Hunting Trips

Organizing a Corporate Retreat

Planning a corporate retreat? 10 Gauge Outfitters in Kinsley, Kansas, provides top-notch accommodations. Our lodge, with 8 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and various entertainment options, ensures a comfortable and unforgettable retreat.


Benefits of Outdoor Team-Building Activities

Explore the benefits of outdoor team-building at 10 Gauge Outfitters. Just a short drive from Wichita, Topeka, and Kansas City, our 5-star lodge offers a unique corporate getaway with a full bar, entertainment options, and first-class amenities.

European Tower Shoots

The European Driven Tower Shoot is the perfect fit for those looking for a unique and challenging pheasant hunting experience. Once a time-honored tradition in Europe, kings would take part in these challenging hunts.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - European Pheasant Hunting in Kansas

The Thrill of the Shoot

Step into the unique world of European Driven Tower Shoots at 10 Gauge Outfitters, offering a challenging and thrilling pheasant hunting experience rooted in tradition. Dogs strategically drive birds toward shooters, creating excitement perfect for groups and corporate outings.


How European Tower Shoots Work

Picture yourself at 10 Gauge Outfitters, standing at one of 8 stations encircling a towering structure. As our expert guides release pheasants, the thrill unfolds—birds cruising at treetop height, offering multiple shooting chances. Tailor this unforgettable adventure to your liking from September to March. For more details, including clean-up hunts and license requirements, feel free to reach out directly.

Understanding Your Prey

For the best experience hunting pheasants, you must learn about them and understand them before you take off on the hunt. 


Information About Pheasants: Habits and Habitats

  • Thriving in Diversity: Pheasants love varied landscapes, choosing spots with a mix of crops, grasslands, and shrubby hideouts.
  • Diverse Diet: Grounded during the day, these birds feast on seeds, insects, and tiny creatures, often seen foraging in open fields.
  • Strategic Insights: Knowing their ways aids savvy hunters, directing them to prime locations based on daily and seasonal nuances.

Conservation and the Future of Pheasant Hunting

In Kansas, where the pheasant hunting tradition runs deep, the state consistently ranks among the top destinations nationally. With the season spanning from November to January, conservation efforts ensure a bright future for this cherished tradition.


The Role of Hunters in Conservation

Kansas, a prime pheasant hunting hub, recognizes the crucial role hunters play in conservation. Their dedication not only preserves traditions but also safeguards habitats, contributing to the sport’s overall well-being.


Ensuring a Future for the Sport: Ethics and Engagement

In the heart of Kansas, hunters are committed to preserving the sport’s future through ethical practices and active engagement. The season’s diverse offerings and the blend of traditions promise a lasting legacy for upland bird hunting.

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