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A Guide to Prairie Dog Hunting

Introduction to Prairie Dog Hunting

Step into the exhilarating world of prairie dog hunting with 10 Gauge Outfitters. Hunters can hone their long-range shooting skills with the option to choose their shooting distances. Kansas prairie dog hunting is the perfect mid-summer activity that perfectly fits between the spring turkey and fall hunting seasons.

Why 10 Gauge: Choosing the Right Hunting Outfitters

Selecting the right prairie dog hunting outfitter is crucial, and 10 Gauge Outfitters stands out. There are no daily bag limits, and most of our hunters shoot around 200 to 500 rounds per trip. With over 25 prairie dog sites within 30 minutes, we have some of the best hunting in the United States. 

Beyond the cost spectrum, we pride ourselves on delivering a distinctive experience. Our commitment to providing top-notch amenities and unmatched dedication ensures a pleasurable hunt and a lifetime adventure. Join us for a hunting experience like no other.

Kansas Prairie Dog Hunting

A new hunting opportunity we have for our fall prairie dog hunters is to combine your prairie dog hunt with a evening dove hunt. These fast flying birds create the ultimate test to your wingshooting skills. It is also a great way to warm up for the pheasant hunting season as well.

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Prairie Dog Hunting Tips For Success

Prairie dog hunting is a thrilling and fun way to spend the downtime between hunting seasons. It is the best way to stay sharp and hone your shot. Here are some tips to have the best hunt possible. 

  • Understand local regulations: If you are coming in from out of state, stay informed on Kansas’ rules and regulations. The good thing about prairie dogs is that they have no bag limit, and the season is open year-round. 
  • Location scouting: If you were hunting alone, you must find the prairie dog towns. 10 Gauge Outfitters has over 25 prairie dog towns, all within 30 minutes from the lodge. 
  • Correct Equipment and Caliber: .204 is the smallest recommended round, and the flat-shooting calibers include those from that round up to the .223. Most prairie dog hunters prefer a 50 to 60-grain bullet. 
  • Shooting Distance and Accuracy: Prairie dogs can retreat into their burrows with only slight disturbances. Be sure not to get too close and scare them off. It is common to shoot from distances between 140 and 400 yards out. Ensure your rifle is sighted, and practicing these long-range shots can increase your accuracy. Prairie dog hunting is a great way to practice hitting deer vitals. 
  • Shooting and Safety Etiquette: Keep your gun pointed down range and practice standard safety measures to ensure the best possible hunt.

Preparing For The Hunt 

Gear up for your Kansas Prairie Dog Hunt with essential preparations. Below, you can explore fitness tips in the section “Getting in Shape,” discover practical attire in “What to Wear.” Stay tuned for expert advice to enhance your hunting experience.

Getting In Shape For Your Prairie Dog Hunt

Prairie dog hunting does not require much physical fitness, but it is still good to be sure you are in the best possible shape to help you have a great hunt. Here are some tips to get yourself ready for any hunting season.

  • Waking, hiking, or jogging 
  • Weight room and gym exercises 
  • Working out with a partner is a great motivational boost
  • Full body exercises 

What to Wear on a Prairie Dog Hunt

If you are going hunting in mid-summer, you can expect high temperatures and lots of sunshine. Be sure to protect yourself from the sun while still keeping yourself cool. Wear loose and breathable clothing, long-sleeve shirts and pants, a hat, and sunglasses. Don’t forget to bring along your insect repellent, too! 

This Year’s Prairie Dog Hunting

Prairie dog season is open year-round, but spring to early-summer is the best time to go. This is the perfect time between major hunting seasons to practice your shot and stay sharp for the fall. 

Season Dates and Regulations 

The prairie dog season goes year-round. In the state of Kansas, there is no daily bag limit, and our hunters typically fire over 300 shots per hunt. 

What to Expect 

The spring is the perfect time for a prairie dog hunt. These hunts typically have a mixed bag, including rabbits, rattlesnakes, badgers, and, of course, prairie dogs. This hunt is a fantastic way to sharpen their shooting skills. 



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Types of Prairie Dog Hunts

We have access to thousands of acres of prairie dog towns less than 30 minutes from our lodging facilities. There are over 25 different prairie dog towns and counting to date where avid sportsmen can hone their hunting skills with a early-summer shoot.

Prairie dog hunting typically comes with a mixed bag of opportunities. Regularly around prairie dog towns, you can find

  • Rabbits 
  • Badgers
  • Rattlesnakes 

A Guided Prairie Dog Hunt – What It Entails

With over 25 prairie dog towns all within 30 minutes, 10 Gauge Outfitters offers you the chance to spend more time hunting than anything else! Our professionals will set up the optimal stand at your chosen distance. 

Corporate Prairie Dog Hunts 

Looking for a top-notch destination for a corporate prairie dog hunt or company event? Just a short drive from Wichita, Topeka, and Kansas City, our 5-star lodge accommodates over 26 guests. 10 Gauge provides a first-class experience with cozy bedrooms, a spacious great room, and entertainment options like a fire pit, bar, poker table, shooting range, and sporting clays.

Gun Handling and Shooting Skills 

All hunting comes down to the basic idea of whether you can hit your target. Practicing your accuracy and handling skills is a great way to have more fun hunting and hitting your bag limit whenever you go out. 

Properly Sighting Your Rifle 

To ensure a successful hunt, be sure your sights are actually sighted in. This will ensure your shots are going where you want them. 

Being Comfortable With Your Rifle

Get a good feel for the recoil and how your gun feels when shooting it. This way, there will be no surprises when you get out into the field. 


Engaging Youth In Prairie Dog Hunting 

Prairie dog hunting is a great way to engage the youth in an exhilarating hunt. They can practice their shooting skills and transfer that to other hunts, like white-tail deer hunting. Hitting a prairie dog from a few hundred yards out is excellent practice, as is hitting white-tail vitals in the same situation. 

Creating an Educational Hunting Experience

Prairie dog hunting can be a great educational practice. Youths can get accustomed to hitting small targets and transfer what they learn from prairie dog hunting to larger white-tail deer hunts. 

Corporate Prairie Dog Hunts 

Embark on your next corporate or company prairie dog hunt. It is a fantastic way to build team bonding and create a family within your workplace. Our luxury lodge offers up to 26 guests! 

Organizing a Corporate Retreat 

Planning a corporate retreat? 10 Gauge Outfitters in Kinsley, Kansas, provides top-notch accommodations. Our lodge, with eight bedrooms, six bathrooms, and various entertainment options, ensures a comfortable and unforgettable retreat.

Benefits of Outdoor Team-Building Activities 

Explore the benefits of outdoor team-building at 10 Gauge Outfitters. Just a short drive from Hays, Great Bend, and Dodge City, our 5-star lodge offers a unique corporate getaway with a full bar, entertainment options, and first-class amenities.

Looking through binos at prairie dogs in Kansas

The Future of Prairie Dog Hunting 

The prairie dog population in Kansas is very strong, and 10 Gauge Outfitters is committed to keeping their habitat sustainable. The hunting season for prairie dogs is open year-round, and the daily bag size is not limited. 

The Role of Hunters in Conservation 

Hunters play a vital role in conserving prairie dogs by managing their abundant populations. This ensures the sustainability of both the species and their habitat, which is crucial for ecological balance. 

Ensuring a Future for the Sport: Ethics and Engagement

At 10 Gauge Outfitters, we are committed to habitat and wildlife sustainability. Through responsible hunting practices and engagement in conservation efforts, we strive to ensure the sustainable future of all our local species. This commitment provides a future for the industry and sport. 

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