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Remington’s Core-Lokt Anniversary

Effective Whitetail Hunting Ammo

Remington Ammunition will soon celebrate 75 years of fine ballistic sales and performance of its Remington’s Core-Lokt®. Last fall, I completed a survey regarding my use and satisfaction of the Core-Lokt rifle cartridges. We were asked to give feedback for our clients on their Kansas whitetail hunts. We were also asked about hunters’ preferences for the design of the 75th anniversary logo and the appearance. While not all hunters believe in the Remmington Core-Lokt or any factory ammo the reputation of this effective ammunition.

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Effective Ammunition

Most times of the year, our hunters can find a box of twenty Remington Core-Lokt rifle cartridges for any caliber in the $15 to $30 range. Our hunters know that from early fall through late winter rebates are offered with even more savings.

Finding stories with a one-shot-drop for a kill is fairly easy when it comes to this venerable cartridge. It is hard to find a hunter who hasn’t shot Remington Core-Lokt ammo at some time or the other and had some success with it.

More accurate ammo can be hand-loaded or possibly found at a higher price in retail stores. But this ammo has been reliable and efficient for 75 years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere but fast and deadly.