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Slowing Down for the Youth!

Youth Pheasant Hunts at 10 Gauge Outfitters

When taking youth pheasant hunting, we all would admit that the journey is more important than the fare that we may or may not harvest. However, sometimes we spend an awful lot of harried time trying to make everything just “perfect” on a hunting outing with a son or daughter. Instead of rushing through field after field to find a pheasant for your youngster to shoot at, stop every now and then and discuss things around you. For instance, spend some time discussing the different types of pheasant cover with your youngster. Explain the differences between corn and milo, between wheat and alfalfa.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Even better, if the roosters are far and few between, find an old gourd or piece of trash, such as a discarded pop can, and throw it up in the air for your youngster to shoot. He or she will remember for years about how the 20 gauge blasted so many tiny holes in that can. Visit about any wildlife or any signs of wildlife you see.

  • If you stumble upon a badger hole, take time to discuss the badgers and how they live.
  • If you locate some deer sign, use that as a start for scouting for deer season. Tell the youngster a story about your first scouting memories and how that led to a quality deer hunt.

Enjoy Youth Pheasant Hunting

The cliché of how fast-paced our culture often fails to faze people or to change their ways. Our “need” for instant gratification—whether it is at the ATM, at a fast food drive through or at the checkout line at an outdoors superstore—can adversely affect the memories we want to build with our youngsters on your pheasant hunt. We may be ingrained to talk and move through life like Speedy Gonzales. However, if the journey of the hunt is really important to you and your son or daughter, take a few moments to teach. Make this youth pheasant hunting trip memorable.

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