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10 Gauge Outfitters, a premier Kansas hunting outfitter.We are located in MID-WAY USA, Kinsley Kansas. Nestled in the beautiful western plains of Kansas where the view is endless for miles.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Tim Weddington Kansas Hunting Guide

Tim Weddington

Owner & Guide
When I was 9 years old my dad took me out shooting cans with a 22.cal pellet gun. I was hooked on shooting from that point on. The next year he handed down his 22. cal rim fire and I started hunting rabbits and squirrels. I love the outdoors and spend every minute I can enjoying it.

The most rewarding part a Kansas hunting guide is seeing the joy and excitement on my clients face when they harvest the game we were chasing. I still do some big game hunting for myself, but I get more excitement seeing a client jump up and down, share a hug, and maybe even a tear after a spot and stalk has culminated in the harvest of a big buck or we called in a strutting tom with in 15 feet and you can feel his thundering gobble in your chest.

That is why I started 10 Gauge Outfitters to share these special moments in the field with my clients. – Tim

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Ryan Baker Kansas Hunting Guide

Ryan Baker

I have been hunting for 30 plus years and hope to do it for 30 more. Whether its doves, moose or anything in between I am always looking forward to my next outdoor adventure.

As a Kansas hunting guide, taking a client on a spot and stalk whitetail hunt or calling them in a big gobbler is more exciting than pulling the trigger myself. Every year the hunts keep getting better here in Kinsley Kansas!

There are certain hunts I look back on and can replay them in my head over and over, that’s the type of memory I want clients to leave with. – Ryan

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Peyton Schulte Kansas Hunting Guide

Peyton Schulte

Having started at a very young age, some of my earliest memories walking the CRP fields. Armed with only a BB-gun and having my Grandpa by my side, I would practice shooting at the roosters as they flushed from the fields.

I grew up in a family where hunting was important and a lifestyle, it is all I have ever known and through this a passion grew. This passion of the outdoors and hunting has encouraged me to share my knowledge by guiding hunters here at 10 Gauge Outfitters.

My favorite part of being a Kansas hunting guide is being able to take someone on an adventure, show them the best hunting in the country. Knowing that when they get home, they will share this experience of a lifetime with their friends and families.

This is why I became a Kansas hunting guide – Peyton

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Nate Bartley Kansas Hunting Guide

Nate Bartley


My love for the outdoors started at a very young age. I remember my grandfather, uncles, and cousins bringing home pickup beds full of deer to be processed. My grandfather was a butcher, so many people would bring deer to him. Unfortunately my grandfather passed away before I became old enough to start hunting with him, but my dad’s friend took me under his wing and showed me the ropes to the great outdoors. We started off with dove, turkey and pheasant hunting. Later in my teen years I started deer hunting. As I grew older I found my passion in turkey and pheasant/quail hunting. I have two German Shorthair Pointers that you will often see in the field with me.

As a law enforcement officer for 19 years, I have dedicated my life to serving my community. I have also coached little league baseball, basketball and football in my community and I have served as a scout master, as well. I have a beautiful wife, 1 son, 3 stepdaughters and 6 grandkids.

My greatest joy being a guide is introducing kids to the experience of a true Kansas hunt. It could be their first rooster behind the point of one of our short hairs, or a gobbler that I called off the roost just as the sun rises on a perfect Kansas spring day. After the hunt I enjoy relaxing at the lodge with our clients enjoying a cold beer or cocktail in front of our outdoor fireplace, waiting for a 5-star meal, reminiscing about the days hunt.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Steve Schrepfer Kansas Hunting Guide

Steve Schrepfer


Info Coming Soon

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Kansas Pheasant Hunting Guide Talon Reidel

Talon Riedel


Since I was kid my dad would take me hunting with him. My passion for the outdoors grew greater everyday since then. As I continued my outdoor adventures I wanted to make it into a career. I never thought watching someone else pull the trigger would bring more excitement then doing it myself. Nothing compares to meeting a client and saying goodbye as friends.