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Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge -

Kansas Pheasant Hunts – Guided Hunting Lodge

10 Gauge Outfitters is home to the Midwest’s Ultimate Pheasant Hunts. With unsurpassed hunting, lodging and an deep passion for hospitality, we guarantee you will not find another outfitter as dedicated to pheasant hunting as 10 Gauge Outfitters. On one of our Kansas pheasant hunts you will experience a vast amount of upland birds flushed the open plains of CRP grasslands or surrounding farmland of milo or sorghum that our upland game thrives upon.

Spend the mornings shooting all the pheasant you can handle, and evenings kicking back around the campfire telling stories of those missed or great shots you had. When you go hunting with us, you’re not only getting a great hunt, but you’re going to get a hunt of a lifetime.

All are Welcome at 10 Gauge

Our lodge is a special place become your home away from home that can accommodate up to 22 guests. It is a place…for all to gather and share in the experience of what makes hunting here special. A place for families, friends, business colleagues and corporate events. Our lodge is brimming with world-class hunting and hospitality like no other outfitter can relate with guests end up returning at a remarkable rate.

Learn more about our pheasant hunts or pick up the phone and call and ask how we can tailor your hunting trip into a truly unforgettable experience.

Kansas vs South Dakota
  • Pheasant Hunting
  • $ 675 a day
    • Price is per hunter – per day
    • Hunters arrive after 3:00pm day before hunt
    • Departure after the hunt on last day unless arranged
  • Schedule a Hunt

*If clients wish to have dinner upon arrival – Dinner is served at 7:00 pm. Communicate with our staff on your arrival to ensure you have a warm meal waiting for you if you wish.


Wild – November 13, 2021 – January 31, 2022
CSA – September – March
4 Daily Bird Limit


  • Guides & Dogs
  • Field Transportation
  • Pheasant Hunt (4 Roosters)
  • Airport Pickup & Drop-off (groups of 4 or more)
  • Sporting Clays
  • Lodging & Meals (1 Night – 1 Day)
  • Satellite TV – Wireless Internet

Not Included:

  • License
  • Shotgun Shells
  • Cleaning and Packaging Birds (additional cost)
  • Kansas State Sales Tax
  • Staff Gratuities

*Non-shooting guest rate $200/per night
*Non refundable deposits required to hold hunting dates

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge -

Pheasant Hunts Information

Our Kansas Pheasant Hunts open on the second Saturday in November and runs through to the end of January. This short season means we’re in high demand and full throttle during those weeks so make sure to book as soon as possible.

Kansas has a 4 rooster per day bag limit with 16 in possession for travel. Pheasants in possession for transportation must retain intact a foot, plumage, or some part that will determine sex.

Check the Kansas Dept of Wildlife and Parks website for Licenses requirements. You will need a general Kansas hunting license to hunt pheasant and quail.

Season Forecast From PF
Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge -

Hunting Checklist

The essentials for our Kansas pheasant hunts include:
Shotgun – 12 or 20ga. semi auto (12ga. preferred)
Ammo – high brass #5 – unplugged & extensions are legal to use
Hunting pants, field boots, cap & vest
Cooler for your birds to transport home
House shoes – slippers. No boots or shoes in the lodge, mudroom only.

What to Wear

Hunting or “field pants” are highly recommended, especially those with canvas-faced fronts. Comfortable field boots, especially durable leather boots, help feet trudge through fields. Blaze orange hat or cap helps with field safety and of course blocks the sun. A hunting vest with blaze orange material holds harvested game birds, shotgun shells, water bottles, and other accessories such as gloves and sunglasses.

Our Dogs & Your Dogs

Our dogs are professionally trained and handled. While we would love to see your dog in action, with the dogs we have in the field and around the lodge we respectfully ask clients to leave them at home. We want everyone to have an enjoyable time in the field, there will be plenty of shooting and our dogs are used to this atmosphere daily.

Questions – Please contact Tim if you have any.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge -

Off-season Kansas Pheasant Hunts

While the pheasant hunting season does not start until early November, we have CSA ground available those who want to hunt as early as SEPTEMBER or as late as MARCH!

A hunt in our CSA or Controlled Shooting Area – allows us to provide our hunters with an early & late season opportunity to hunt. These birds tend to be willey and full of energy, but this opportunity is great for you to bring a few clients out or take your family out to enjoy a weekend here in Kinsley.

Hunt More In Our CSA’s

Our CSA has a 4 rooster per day bag limit with opportunities to bag more.

You will still need a permit to hunt our CSA – please check the Kansas Dept of Wildlife and Parks website for licenses requirements. Or we can help you when you are here at the lodge.

Corporate Pheasant Hunts
Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge -

Quail Hunting Available

You can watch from a UTV as our professionally trained bird dogs skillfully use their abilities to hunt the fields and hone in on quail, to a satisfying point! Feel the adrenaline as our guides get you into position for a shot. In one swift instant you will be overcome with quail whistling around in attempts to escape.

Our quail hunts currently are an add on package to our fantastic pheasant hunts. Quail hunts are a great way to spend the afternoon in the field after having success pheasant hunting in the morning hours. If you would like to add a quail to your hunt at 10 Gauge, please let Tim know a head of arriving so proper rigs are ready for your hunt.

Go Online and Get Your

KDWP Hunting License
Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge -

Kansas Pheasant Hunts at 10 Gauge

At 10 Gauge Outfitters, you will awake to the smell of a country breakfast with coffee brewing. While you eat your breakfast and prepare for the morning hunt, we will get the hunting gear loaded up and ready to head to the field. Early in the morning you have the opportunity to watch our German Shorthairs work in the morning sunrise, as there is nothing more beautiful than a rooster pheasant on the rise, a German Shorthair swiftly behind on point and the sun just breaking the horizon.

Time to Hit the Fields!

During our Kansas pheasant hunts, hunters walk with their group into the wind as much as possible. This helps the bird dogs find and track the scent and can help prevent the hunting party from flushing the pheasants out of shooting range. We hunt a mixture of CRP grasslands and row crops.

Walk with shotgun pointed in a safe direction yet ready for a smooth, quick shot on a flushing pheasant. Colder days mean the slower the walking pace as birds are more likely to hold tight in the thick field cover. Listen carefully to the surroundings as sometimes pheasants in dense cover will rustle the weeds and grass before flushing.

After a couple of hours of hunting behind you and a limit of roosters, we will head back to Kinsley for lunch. From there clients are able to sit back and enjoy the comforts of our hunting lodge. If you have arranged prior, we will then hunt quail in the afternoons after the group has had time to fill up on food and beverages. Quail hunts will take place in the sand hill plum thickets with dogs and UTV.

A Warm Meal at Day’s End

You will return to be served a country style dinner and dessert that is guaranteed to restore burnt calories from the days hunt. Once your appetite is satisfied, you may lounge around in the game room to tell the stories of the day’s events (true and stretched truths we are sure). Meanwhile our staff can clean your birds and package them for your return travel if requested.

Come experience our pheasant hunts with wonderful food, hospitality, and the old west feel. We look forward to seeing you here.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge -

Guides & Staff

We have many years of experience in the hunting industry, and consider ourselves one of the premier hunting guides in the area. The staff is friendly, cordial, and always want to ensure you have the pheasant hunt of a lifetime. These days, we get more entertainment and sheer enjoyment out of seeing our clients do well in the field.

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Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge -

Hunting Lodge

The 10 Gauge hunting lodge, located just north of Kinsley, Kansas, was originally built in an early 1900’s. Our updated lodge boasts a large 6-bedroom, 2 lofts, 6-bath lodge that can comfortably sleep up to 22 hunters and or guests. If that is not enough room for your group of pheasant hunters, we also have a 2 bed bunkhouse that allows for more guests.

Accommodations are clean, comfortable with that feeling of home. Lodging can be limited within our Kansas pheasant hunts, please book early on to guarantee yourself a memorable experience.

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Information About Kansas Pheasants

The state of Kansas holds a long tradition of hunting the ring-necked pheasant. According to the national forecasts, they rank in the top 3 or 4 states as a top destination for pheasant hunting every year. In its current format, pheasant season opens the second Saturday in November and runs through the last day of January. The Kansas pheasant hunting season the daily bag limit is four male pheasants known as roosters. Every year, hunters come from all over the U.S. to hunt opening weekend.

Keeping Tradition

The tradition of upland bird hunting takes many forms in the United States. Hunters in different regions typically pursue similar birds. Some examples include pheasant, quail, woodcock, grouse, prairie chicken, and chukar. In most regions comprised of wilderness or crop fields, hunters usually pursue only one or two species native to a specific area. For example, in many parts of Kansas, licensed hunters can sometimes shoot ring-necked pheasants and quail in the same CRP field.

In “controlled shooting areas,” hunters have the opportunity to shoot multiple species. Most upland bird seasons range from early autumn to mid-winter, depending on the state and species.

Pheasant Species

There are approximately 50 types or species of pheasants in the world according to Encyclopedia Britannica. Most pheasants originated in China or Malaysia and originally transplanted to Europe several centuries ago. Ring-necked pheasants are primarily viewed as game birds, whether stocked artificially in fields or hunted as wild birds. Male pheasants can be up to 35 inches in length.

Colorful Upland Bird

Roosters are colorful and have long tail feathers while ring-necked females colored brown or tan. Pheasants have an amazing ability to survive extreme climate changes, and they prefer grassy areas and grain fields. According to Kansas wildlife biologists, hunting pheasants has no negative effects on the pheasant population.

Pheasant Habitats

The ring-necked Pheasant is an upland game bird and was originally imported to the U.S. from China in the 1800s. Ring-necks thrive in the Midwestern U.S. because many areas in this region provide the ideal habitat. Ring-necked males, are known as “roosters” and are very colorful birds. These birds mate in the spring with up to a dozen hens. The average life span of a ring-necked pheasant is about 10 to 20 months, according to National Geographic.

Habitat Benefits

Pheasant habitat and CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) habitat greatly benefit the ring-necked pheasant. According to a 2006 study conducted for the Dept. of Agriculture, pheasants have a 22% increase in population when located within a 1000 meters of 788 acres or more of CRP habitat. Starting in 1985, the federal government offers farmers a voluntary opportunity in 10-15 year contracts to preserve lands by planting CRP native grasses and plants. Upland birds love these fields as the biodiversity of multiple grasses and forbs provide roosting areas and supply food for their young by way of seeds and insects.

Where to Find Pheasants

In Kansas, ring-necks are often found and are hunted in grassy CRP fields, cut grain or “stubble” fields (especially milo, grain sorghum, wheat or corn). They are usually found in weedy earth silos, shelter belts, corner fields on irrigation circles, or brushy creek bottoms, brushy draws, ditches, canyons and wetland areas. Although pheasants can survive without water for several days, successful pheasant hunts usually take place within a mile of the habitat.

Pheasant Hunt Types

The venerable Datus C. Proper proclaims in his classic book, Pheasants of the Mind, that there are three types of pheasant hunts. Two types of hunts involve following either a flushing or a pointing dog and allowing the dog to find the birds in the cover while the hunters tag along for the shooting. A third type he calls “fishing,” which is hunting without a dog.

Hunting without a Dog

In a comparison to fishing, suggests that a dog-less hunter does not know exactly where the birds are. Result being you could have a challenging experience finding them or walk by them without flushing them. Hunters can pursue pheasants without a dog and can be quite successful that way, but a pheasant hunt with a fine bird dog can be extremely enjoyable.

The Sound of a Pheasant

When pheasants are flushed by dogs or hunters, they take flight suddenly. The first thing an upland hunter will hear is the rapid beating of wings. Roosters usually make a cackling sound as they take flight as well. This may sound similar to a decrescendo of “kawk-kawk- kawk-kawk-kawk.” The sound occurs normally when a rooster takes sudden, flushed flight. Roosters also make this sound when flying to feeding fields in the morning or back to the roosting fields near sundown. Just before daybreak, a rooster will make a “kaw-KAWK!” morning call to announce the sunrise and stake territory. A hen, however, when flushed will make a higher pitched sound–if any–and it resembles a soft, repeated, “squeet-squeet-squeet” as it flies away.

Pheasant Hunting Dogs

Pheasant hunters typically identify 1 of 25 breeds of bird dogs as being “the best” breed. In most cases, any “upland hunting dog” is considered a good dog for pheasants. Much has been written about the ideal bird dog for pheasant hunting, and hunters today continually vouch for their favorite type and breed. Bird dogs or “gun dogs” typically fall into these three categories: flushers, pointers and retrievers. True pheasant hunting dogs either “point” (become stiff at the scent/presence of a pheasant) or “flush” (cause a pheasant to fly up relatively close to the hunter). So, pointers and flushing breeds are typically the best bird dogs for pheasant hunting.


Originally, flushers, such as those with “Spaniel” in the name, were the primary bird dogs used for pheasant hunting. But now, pointers and retrievers are commonly found in hunters’ kennel boxes. Many dogs in the “retriever” lines are known for retrieving waterfowl but can make excellent pheasant dogs as well. If properly trained, retrievers have the potential to flush pheasants. Most popular pheasant dogs in Kansas are likely included in this list: Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Brittany, German Shorthaired Pointer, German Wirehaired Pointer, English Pointer, English Setter and English Springer Spaniel.

In the Field

When you go out with dogs, pay close attention to all of the bird dogs in the hunting party. Notice how the dogs start to act more excited and circle back into a spot in the field. It is likely they are encountering pheasant scent and are considered “birdy.” Once on point, follow the directions from the guide to flush the pheasants. If no specific instructions from the guide, avoid approaching the dog on point from behind. Instead, arc around to the side at a right angle to the point and walk into the spot to obtain the flush. Finally, do not shoot at birds below the horizon of the land for fear of accidentally shooting at the bird dogs.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge -

Join Your Local Pheasants Forever Chapter

Pheasants Forever is a nonprofit habitat organization dedicated to promoting conservation, pheasant hunting heritage, wildlife habitat, hunting access and all things related to pheasant hunting. Beginning in 1982, Pheasants Forever tries to establish chapters throughout the country, allowing pheasant hunters and conservationists to connect with others locally. Local members decide how to spend 100 percent of the locally raised money on habitat or pheasant hunting projects.

The organization holds fundraising banquets typically comprised of a dinner and an auction to raise money for education, awareness and habitat production. Periodical publications include Pheasants Forever Journal, Forever Outdoors and “On the Wing” newsletter. A sister organization called Quail Forever in 2005 to promote the same type of things for quail hunting.

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Matt WalkerMatt Walker
00:25 20 Jan 22
Awesome experience!! Amazing lodge, tons of birds, and great food. We will definitely be back!
Eddie GarciaEddie Garcia
19:49 29 Dec 21
Two days of pheasant and quail hunting with great friends. Turning out to be a annual trip. Tim and staff are amazing. The lodge is amazing. Book your days you won’t regret it.
Neil WestNeil West
01:00 18 Apr 21
Excellent guide, accommodations were first. I couldn't be happier with my turkey and the experience.
Kurt MeyerKurt Meyer
22:25 15 Apr 21
Top class.. amazing place to stay, great staff and guides. Went above and beyond expected to make sure it was great experience!
Ken ans Vicki MeyerKen ans Vicki Meyer
22:22 15 Apr 21
Brought 4 family members for a turkey hunt everything was great from guides to the owners great people can't wait to come back going home with all of our turkeys and big smiles.
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