Prairie Dog Hunting Colorado vs Kansas

Trying to decide between prairie dog hunting in Kansas or Colorado? Let us help!

The only thing Colorado has on Kansas when it comes to prairie dog hunting is a $72.50 hunting license. One big difference between Colorado and Kansas when it comes to prairie dog hunting is the number of prairie dogs. There are so many prairie dogs in Kansas that the State has a State Park named for these animals.

Kansas is centrally located and as a result closer to most East Coast States. In addition, our land is only 30 minutes from the airport. If you go to Colorado to hunt prairie dogs you can expect a much longer car comute to and from the airport.

Weather is far more favorable in Kansas during the early months of prairie dog hunting season because it is not as cold and no snow. That means you will not need additional cold weather gear or clothing like you will in Colorado.

Prairie dogs in Kansas are not a protected varmints and not regulated by the Kansas Game and Fish Dept..  Colorado has in the past protected prairie dogs in certain areas if not the whole state at one time.

If you are looking for less travel, better shooting and warmer conditions, come to Kansas for your next prairie dog shooting adventure.

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