Prairie Dog Hunting Texas vs Kansas

If you are trying to decide between prairie dog hunting in Texas vs. Kansas, let us help!

Weather: First and most impotantly, Texas is HOT! As a result, Kansas provides a much more comfortable prairie dog hunting experience than Texas especially during hotter Summer months.

Travel: For those flying in from the Northeast United States, Kansas is centrally located and is closer than Texas. In addition to being closer, our hunts are a short 30 minute drive from the airport. Most prairie dog hunts in Texas require much longer drive times to and from the airport.

Geography: Kansas has far more open prairie land than Texas and Kansas does not have mesquite which makes visibility difficult at best.

Snakes: They say everything is bigger in Texas and that included rattlesnakes. Texas is also known for its large population of large rattlesnakes. Kansas on the other hand, has fewer snakes than Texas.

Prairie Dogs: Prairie dog colonies in Kansas are said to be larger than ones in Texas because temperatures are lower in during prime shooting months.

If you are looking for more ground, better shooting, fewer snakes and cooler conditions, come to Kansas for your next prairie dog shooting adventure.

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