Why Pheasant Hunting Clients Choose 10 Gauge Outfitters?

We understand that there are many outfitters to choose from when trying to decide who will be your hunting guide and outfitter for your next adventure. While there are both cheaper and more expensive hunting trips out there, we set the bar for Kansas pheasant hunting.

What makes 10 Gauge Outfitters different from our competition? We, along with our clients think we have something very special here. With all the amenities that we offer, our hunting trips are a great value for the spend. No outfitter puts in the time and dedication as 10 Gauge. We work to ensure your hunting adventure is not only a pleasurable experience but also a hunt of a lifetime!

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Kyle Roberts
Kyle Roberts
13:17 22 May 24
Came out on a prairie dog hunt with a crew of 6. Food was amazing, host were awesome, and hunting was top notch. Had a great time and look forward to the next trip.
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10 Gauge Client Testimonials

10 Gauge Outfitters is home to the Ultimate Kansas Pheasant Hunts. With unsurpassed hunting, lodging and an deep passion for hospitality, we guarantee you will not find another outfitter as dedicated to pheasant hunting as 10 Gauge. On one of our pheasant hunts you will experience a vast amount of upland birds flushed the open plains of CRP grasslands or surrounding farmland of milo or sorghum that our upland game thrives upon.


    Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Pheasant Hunting Wild Birds - Group Photo

    The trip was unbelievable! The lodge was immaculate, and the food was delicious! I’ve hunted Pheasants in MN, IA, SD, and ND so I’ve been around some good pheasant hunting before, but this was as good as it gets! Those little short-hairs were a sight watching them do their thing. They never ranged too far, they held point without breaking, and retrieved like I had never seen with pointing dogs. Quail hunting was just as great, numbers were plentiful and the dogs were awesome. Just need to remember to bring plenty of shells and shoot as straight as you can!

    For me though, the best part of the trip was the extra attention that both Tim, and Peyton gave to my 12 year old son who had never before hunted pheasants, or quail. With their help he was able to harvest some of each (with no shooting help from others). I measure a good trip by when you ask someone “would you do it again”? My answer would be a resounding “yes, in a heartbeat”.

    Jeff Olund – Pheasant & Quail Hunt

    Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - Shooting Prairie Dogs

    Accommodations: I have done a lot of traveling and stayed many places. The lodge is one of the top 3 nicest places I have ever stayed. Beds and furniture were very comfortable. Beautiful views in all directions. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were all fantastic. We had several choices and were asked if we wanted anything in particular. This was not necessary as Dad and I can eat or drink anything. But seriously no complaints with the food or drink, real good home cooking.

    Hunting: There are several locations some just up the road and some a bit farther away. We went to two of them during our hunt. Both were excellent locations with more P-dogs than one could hope for. Most offering were 150 to 500 yards. Winds averaged 14 mph, little less wind in the morning and in the evening. We gained a lot of practical shooting experience and had one heck of a great time. The recommendation of 200 rounds per person per day was close.

    We had extra on hand just in case. You could easily shoot at more than that depending on you skill and pace. They offer other hunts as well and can only imagine they are also fantastic.

    Overall Wonderful Experience

    Dad and I had a fantastic time all-round. This exceeded our expectations in every category. I would truly recommend this to anyone that wants a trouble worry free hunt of this type. All you need is your vehicle, firearm, and ammo. (I am sure if you let them know ahead of time they would accommodate any reasonable request.) It had been a while since Dad and I got to spend some time just him and I. This will be one of those trips of a life time that we will both cherish forever and could easily become an annual event if time allows.

    Tim and his wife are great company and made us feel like we were visiting relatives “we like”. We can’t thank them enough and can’t think of one thing we would have changed or done differently. There are a few secret gems they have also that I will not mention as I don’t want to spoil the surprise when you go.

    Luke & Dell – Prairie Dog Hunt

    I shot Prairie Dogs for the first time ever with Tim back in 2012….it was quite an eye opener for a couple of “City Boys” from New York like my brother in law and me. At first we couldn’t even SEE the PD’s, let alone kill any. Tim patiently took us by the hand and showed us how it’s done. We went back again in 2013 and we are booked again for 2014.

    Tim has a First Class operation in every way. The shooting is private and pretty much non-stop, The accommodations are excellent and the food is home cooked and out of this world…too good and too much actually! Anyone wanting to have a great time and shoot lot’s Prairie Dogs will be very happy hunting with 10 Gauge.

    Frank Campana – Prairie Dog

    My group of customers had a wonderful time on our prairie dog hunt and kicking back at the lodge with the dogs of an evening with adult beverages and great food. Being the only lady in our group, Tim accommodated me nicely with my own room and bath in his spotless and comfortable lodge. I have been on multiple organized hunts with groups through the years, and I would recommend 10 Gauge Outfitters to colleagues and other customers (already have).

    Syngenta Crop Protection and NK Seeds – Pheasant Hunt

    What a great experience. The accommodations are very nice, much nicer than the pictures. Food was excellent. Hunting was better than most that I have experienced in South Dakota. Tim is extremely diligent about his craft. My son and I really enjoyed our trip with 10 Gauge Outfitters.

    Scott Hensel – Prairie Dog

    Outstanding!! My son and I have been on 2 seasons of deer hunting plus a pheasant hunt. Bagged 2 big bucks each that will be hanging on the wall for years to come! Stalking a 160 class deer was unforgettable. First class lodging and guidance. Treated me and my son like family. Tim was wonderful host and our first pheasant hunt hooked my family for life.

    H.M Calvert, M.D. – Whitetail Hunt

    Tim, Thanks for a Whitetail spot and stalk hunt of a lifetime. What an absolute thrill to stalk a 155″ deer and lay the Hammer down as the Kansas sun sets. I can’t wait to do this again.

    Jason Courtney – Whitetail Hunt

    What a great bow hunting trip. Pheasant skirting the horizon at sunrise, deer everywhere and a trophy I look at every morning in my office. I am hooked and can’t wait for this years trip.

    Andrew Reavill – Whitetail Hunt

    We have been hunting with Tim the past three years and every year we have a outstanding time from his wonderful cooking to the non stop shooting of prairie dogs and his wonderful hospitality.

    The Fuemmelers – Prairie Dog

    Well let me start off by saying I had another great turkey season at 10 gauge outfitters thanks to Tim & Ryan my guides.we hunted hard& long and just when the rain started falling that is when the magic happened my first double of my years hunting those wily thunder chickens. Thanks again Tim & Ryan for a great hunt and remember stay thirsty my friends!

    Tim Foster – Turkey Hunt

    If anyone is looking for a hunt of a lifetime, look up 10 Gauge Outfitters. They are on the top of their game. Great people, Great food, Great lodging, and a lot of wildlife. I will for sure be going back to Kansas for another hunt and it will be at 10 Gauge Outfitters!!!

    Adam Derrick – Whitetail Hunt

    This was my first outfitted hunt of any kind, and it was an amazing experience! Tim and Ryan are the hardest working guides in the business – hands down! The weather certainly created some challenges, but I was able to harvest my first Kansas buck (147 inches) on an intense spot and stalk. I will definitely return to 10 Gauge Outfitters for another whitetail hunt. Thanks guys!

    Ty Dickey – Whitetail Hunt

    Had an outstanding time. The accommodations and food are top notch. The owners are really friendly and make you feel at home. Every time I go, which I have been going for 4 years now, I have tagged out. The prices are right for all the you get in the package.

    Stephen Schrepfer. USMC – Turkey Hunt

    I had an absolutely amazing time working with Tim. Thank you so much to him for having such a great time and making the couple days we were there as much fun as possible. Even though it was over 100 degrees, we survived and shot a lot of prairie dogs. Without Tim I would not have been able to shoot a dog from 703 yards. I had a great time and I cannot wait to go back!

    Sarah P. – Prairie Dog Hunt

    Thanks Tim for a great hunt . My Dad and I had a great time at your place, first trip he and I have ever taken together. Accommodations Top Notch for sure , cant wait till next season I believe I will be back for another round. Thanks Again Tim Jim and Jack Scott

    Jim Scott – Prairie Dog Hunt

    Tim worked hard to put me in a position to get this tom. The story of the hunt for this bird is one I will be telling for many years to come. It is the most memorable turkey I have ever taken. With a 9″ beard and 1″ spurs it’s next stop will be the taxidermist.

    Fountain Barksdale – Turkey Hunt

    If anyone is looking for a hunt of a lifetime, look up 10 Gauge Outfitters. They are on the top of their game. Great people, Great food, Great lodging, and a lot of wildlife. I will for sure be going back to Kansas for another hunt and it will be at 10 Gauge Outfitters!!!

    Adam Derrick – Whitetail Hunt