2019 Kansas Upland Hunting Season Preview

The outlook for the 2019 Kansas pheasant hunting season looks strong once again! As reported from the State of Kansas, the 2019 projected upland bird forecast.

The tradition of upland bird hunting takes many forms in the United States. Hunters in Kansas typically pursue pheasant, quail or prairie chickens.  Upland seasons range from early autumn to mid-winter, depending on the state and species. In Kansas upland game season runs from November through January.

State wildlife agencies determine the length and regulations concerning their respective pheasant seasons. Most states open pheasant season in the mid- to late autumn. Some continue through the end of the calendar year while others will continue through the end of January. The length of pheasant seasons does not have  much if any effect on the pheasant populations. Shooting hours are typically a half hour before sunrise to sunset. The pheasant season in Kansas usually starts the second Saturday in November and continues through the end of January.

Pheasant hunting in Kansas should be fair to locally good this year. Heavy winter precipitation made hunting conditions tough in 2018 but provided ample soil moisture entering the 2019 nesting season. A few late winter storms raised some concern in western Kansas, but the spring crowing index remained the same as 2018, indicating there was no measurable impact on over-winter survival. Heavy rainfall continued throughout the spring and resulted in high levels of nest abandonment. However, nests that did hatch appear to have responded to the plentiful cover with relatively high chick survival, indicated by larger brood sizes. In wet years like 2019, the nesting season becomes longer, allowing for multiple renesting attempts. Overall, the large brood sizes, combined with production from renesting birds appear to have compensated for the losses from extreme spring weather.

Kansas continues to maintain one of the best pheasant populations in the country and the fall harvest should again be among the leading states.

Our Regional Report

Pheasant – Pheasant hunters should expect a great season this year. The spring crow surveys in western Kansas remained positive. Our region has been showing notable improvement by having some of the highest pheasant densities within the state.

Quail – Quail hunting should also remain great throughout much of the region. Both the spring whistle survey and summer brood survey were strong. As such, the region had the second highest regional index based on the roadside survey this year. Production appeared to be greatly improved with a much higher chick-to-adult ratio.

October Pheasant Hunting in Kansas

– November 9, 2019 – January 31, 2020
– Areas Open: Statewide
– Daily Bag Limit: 4 cocks
NOTE: Pheasants in possession for transportation must retain intact a foot, plumage, or some part that will determine sex.

– November 2-3, 2019
– Areas Open: Statewide
– Daily Bag Limit: 2 cocks

– November 9, 2019 – January 31, 2020
– Open: Statewide
– Daily Bag Limit: 8

– November 2-3, 2019
– Open: Statewide
– Daily Bag Limit: 4

– Early (Greater Prairie Chicken Unit): Sept. 15 – Oct. 15, 2019
– Daily Bag Limit: 2

2019 KANSAS REGULAR (Greater Prairie Chicken Unit):
– Nov. 18, 2019 – Jan. 31, 2020
– Daily Bag Limit: 2
– Southwest Unit closed to all prairie chicken hunting

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