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2023 Kansas Upland Hunting Season Preview

The outlook for the 2023 Kansas pheasant hunting season is looking to setup to be another great year! With extremely favorable conditions this winter and spring starting out great, we look forward to seeing the bird counts this summer. As we wait for the updated report – here is last years report from the State of Kansas, 2022 projected pheasant forecast and the 2022 projected quail forecast

The tradition of upland bird hunting takes many forms in the United States. Hunters in Kansas typically pursue pheasant, quail or prairie chickens. Upland seasons range from early autumn to mid-winter, depending on the state and species. In Kansas upland game season runs from November through January.

State wildlife agencies determine the length and regulations concerning their respective pheasant seasons. Because most states open pheasant season in the mid- to late autumn. Some continue through the end of the calendar year while others will continue through the end of January. The length of pheasant seasons does not have much if any effect on the pheasant populations. Shooting hours are typically a half hour before sunrise to sunset. Therefore the pheasant season in Kansas usually starts the second Saturday in November and continues through the end of January.


    Pheasant Hunting Recap

    Pheasant hunting in Kansas should be great this year in many parts of Kansas. Winter 2022 didn’t throw any significant weather events toward Kansas that would cause any concerns with Small Game Specialist, Jeff Prendergast.

    “Preliminary observations for pheasants have been better than expected,” says Jeff. “The timing of rainfall in April and May appears to have been enough to support some production in central regions of the state.”

    As the report states, “In portions of the north-central Smoky Hills region, spring precipitation was apparently enough to support a strong initial nesting attempt resulting in an overall increase for the region.” Lower-than-normal rainfall has actually benefited bird production in areas such as the Flint Hills, on the eastern edge of pheasant range.

    Even so, says the report, “hunters are likely to find challenging conditions and should be prepared to work for birds.”

    Our Regional Report

    Pheasant – Posting a slight increase over last year in the spring crowing surveys. According to the report, “Carry-over birds may provide the best opportunity for success in areas where there were good bird numbers last year. Additionally, targeting undisturbed grasslands adjacent to irrigation may increase the likelihood of encountering birds where moisture may have facilitated some production. The highest densities were found in the south-central counties of the region where densities were greatest last year.

    The Kansas pheasant season runs Nov. 12 to Jan. 31, 2023. The youth season (17 and younger) is Nov. 5 – 6. Daily bag limit is 4 roosters. Possession limit is 4 times the daily limit (two times the daily bag limit for youth during the youth season). Pheasants must retain a foot or plumage that will readily identify sex while being transported.

    Quail – The southwest portion of Kansas is comparatively difficult to survey for quail. However, several counties in southwest Kansas did see a noticeable jump in numbers this year. Areas along the Arkansas River in particular returned good survey results, according to Prendergast.

    Therefore, quail hunting should also remain great throughout much of the region. Both the spring whistle survey and summer brood survey were strong. Production appeared to be greatly improved with a much higher chick-to-adult ratio. Kansas quail season runs from November 11, 2023, to January 31, 2024. The daily bag limit is 8.

    Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - A pheasant hunting group in Kansas

    Pheasant Hunting Season

    • November 11, 2023 – January 31, 2024
    • Areas Open: Statewide
    • Daily Bag Limit: 4 roosters

    Youth Pheasant Hunting

    • November 4-5, 2022
    • Areas Open: Statewide
    • Daily Bag Limit: 2 roosters

    NOTE: Pheasants in possession for transportation must retain intact a foot, plumage, or some part that will determine sex.

    Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - A successful quail hunt in Kansas

    Quail Hunting Season

    • November 11, 20232 – January 31, 2024
    • Areas Open: Statewide
    • Daily Bag Limit: 8

    Youth Quail Hunting

    • November 4-5, 2023
    • Areas Open: Statewide
    • Daily Bag Limit: 4
    Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - A Prairie Chicken in Kansas

    Greater Prairie Chicken Season

    • Season: Sept. 14 – Jan 31, 2023
    • Permit Required
    • Daily Bag Limit: 2
    • Southwest Unit closed to all prairie chicken hunting



    per day

    • Price is per hunter – per day
    • Hunters arrive after 3:00pm day before hunt
    • Departure after the hunt on last day unless arranged

    *If clients wish to have dinner upon arrival – Dinner is served at 7:00 pm. Communicate with our staff on your arrival to ensure you have a warm meal waiting for you if you wish.


    Wild – November 11, 2023 – January 31, 2024
    CSA – September – March
    4 Daily Bird Limit
    Quail Combo Hunt – November – January


    • Guides & Dogs
    • Field Transportation
    • Pheasant Hunt (4 Roosters)
    • Airport Pickup & Drop-off (groups of 4 or more)
    • Sporting Clays
    • Lodging & Meals (1 Night – 1 Day)
    • Satellite TV – Wireless Internet

    Not Included:

    • License
    • Shotgun Shells
    • Cleaning and Packaging Birds (additional cost)
    • Kansas State Sales Tax
    • Staff Gratuities

    *Non-shooting guest rate $200/per night
    *Non refundable deposits required to hold hunting dates

    Kansas Pheasant Hunting Lodge - A pheasant hunter shooting 2 pheasants

    Pheasant Hunt Information

    Our pheasant hunts open on the second Saturday in November and runs through to the end of January. This short season means we’re in high demand and full throttle during those weeks so make sure to book as soon as possible.

    Kansas has a 4 rooster per day bag limit with 16 in possession for travel. Pheasants in possession for transportation must retain intact a foot, plumage, or some part that will determine sex.

    Check the Kansas Dept of Wildlife and Parks website for Licenses requirements. You will need a general Kansas hunting license to hunt pheasant and quail.

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